Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seder Meal

Last Sunday, the building our church holds services in (a building called the Campbell Train House) was being used for an Easter event, so we had our service at the house of one of our church families.
After the church service, we conducted a Seder ceremony (a Passover meal, but ours was a little different than one an orthodox Jew would hold).  This is not a required thing anymore although it was for the Jews long ago (which is why Christ celebrated a Passover meal with his disciples); there are just two sacraments today - baptism and the Lord's Supper.  However, it holds a certain amount of significance when viewed as symbolism for Christ and the gospel, and as a precursor to communion, which replaced it.
The whole thing lasted quite a while after our regular church service was over, but it only happens once a year.
I didn't find the Jewish humor very amusing ("raise the cup to your mouth - ok, put it down again"), but whoever thought of the idea must be rolling over in his grave with laughter.
Every person had their own cup for grape juice, so everyone didn't have to share the same cup (even in the same family), as I heard some Catholics do.

-Max out  

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