Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last night I went out on the front porch to feed the cats from their five-gallon food container.  Same thing I always do, but as I looked in the bucket (I either opened the lid, which was just resting on the top of the bucket or it was already off; I can't remember now), there was a possum looking at me with its mouth open and all its teeth showing.  I kicked him out by knocking the bucket over, but even after it was on its side, it was halfway in the bucket and didn't seem to show any inclination to leave.  Eventually it walked off, and the cats seemed to be grateful to be able to finally eat dinner.

-Max out

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~Miss Rose~ said...

EEK! Yeah, we've had one that comes around our place often. Same reason. Cat food. I HATE those things! One played dead on our back porch when the dog ran at it. :)

By the way, sadly, we won't be at Memorial Day. Belle's too close to having her baby, and we've just got a lot to do around the house. :( I'm bummed. Oh well. Hopefully next year!