Monday, January 3, 2011

The Project

If you saw the epic-sounding title and you're expecting something awesome, you're going to have to wait.  Sorry.
Well, what did you expect from a very unimpressive guy (in just about every way) like me?

In the unlikely event that you actually want to know more about me, here's something (then again, you might want to know more about me if you don't know me, and once you do, you probably won't - I'm not an interesting or funny person)...  
...something about my church, that is.  I think I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it's smaller than your church, provided you attend a church.
Its name is Moore Christian Assembly, and if I remember correctly, there are only eight (8) families that attend regularly, including mine.  Granted, four of those families (again, including mine) have six or more children: two have nine, I think, and my family has ten people in it. 
Anyway, enough of this rambling before I get a lawsuit brought against me by your spouse (or sibling, parent, etc.) for "death by boring blogger."  

Some of the people at my church (the project team is made up of members of  four families, I believe) are at work on a documentary that compares the teachings of Jonathan Edwards and...well, I'm not going to tell you, since if I did, even if you didn't become uninterested, you'd have the answer, and if you're the kind of person who can't have things left hanging, you'll have to go find out the answer for yourself.  
Here's the documentary project blog; there's a link to the website from there. 

Now I guess you can die of boredom...

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Elizabeth said...

I checked out the page (because I hate leaving things hanging!) but am fairly ignorant about the teachings being compared. I am not currently attending church, but did attend one once with an equally small congregation (though there were not large families, but many elderly couples and two small families, so a very small youth group). I've also attended a couple MASSIVE churches, and several in-between, and I find it interesting how the spirit of the different churches can vary so dramatically. Some are tight knit, but exclusive and superficial, and some are very honest but not remotely unified, and then there were a couple where the people truly seemed to come together with the unified purpose of worshipping our lord and savior, without pretending to sacrifice their individual identity and become a stuck-up 'church member' (and treat it like a symbol of status). But I'm rambling… :-P.

I also wanted to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog… I appreciate the emotional support so much :). And I actually do have a question about camera buying… (which I left in a comment on my blog a while back, in response to your comment, thinking you'd see it, for no good reason). I'm copying and pasting here:

@Max-Well, I've only ever used a simple digital point and shoot, with very little control. I was hoping for a beginner's DSLR with at least a macro lens (I love taking close-ups of nature). A while back I was considering a Nikon d60, but because of the price and the fact that I wasn't yet sure of how much insurance was going to cost, I held off. Now it seems like the Cannon Xsi is a popular choice… so I'm not really sure what I should get. Cost is a very important factor for me-if I can spend less than $400, that would be great! Thanks for the offer-I don't really have any specific questions, because I don't know enough to, but if you have any suggestions or advice for someone who is completely clueless-I'd appreciate it!

Anyway, thank you again for the encouragement-and I'm so glad your Christmas was (mostly) great! I was actually pretty relieved with how mine went… my mom was almost hysterical in the days leading up to Christmas, because she was so certain it would be a disaster, and the fact that no major catastrophes or arguments occurred… pretty much a miracle :D. Sorry for the long comment, and thanks again for the encouragement!