Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Swords

There are two kinds of warfare: physical and spiritual.
Make sure you have weapons for both.


Riah said...

Interesting idea :)

JosiahE, said...

Pick the best, delete the rest. There is only one of these three pictures that is truly good, find it and delete the other two if you want to excel as a photographer.

Maximillian said...

Thanks Riah. :)

Josiah, thank you very much for the constructive criticism; I appreciate the advice, particularly because you're a considerably more skilled photographer than I am.
I have the bad habit of posting multiple versions/variations of a photo on my blog (but end up going with just one for Flickr, with a link to the rest), often because I can't decide which I like the best and/or because they're taken at different angles or have other differences and I want to post them all (even with the risk of cluttering up my posts) - but then, I doubt very many people read my blog anyway.

I'm not sure which of these three is the best (but I doubt it's the second); I think it might be #3 partly because the bokeh on the sword's tsuba is the most pronounced, but I'd really like to see if that's the one you had in mind or if I'm mistaken - I'm always trying to improve with photography so any advice you have to offer is quite welcome.