Thursday, March 1, 2012

Words of Wisdom

I'm only on chapter six of my project: writing out the Book of Proverbs. At the rate I'm going, it could take me a while...


Riah said...

Wow - this might sound weird, but you have great handwriting!!! You ought to see mine - you'd be appalled. It's really bad :)

Maximillian said...

No, it doesn't sound weird; quite a few others have told me that after I posted the photo to Flickr. Thank you Riah. :)
My more recent chapters look a little bit better since I've been trying to make sure most of my letters don't look "standard"; I might take a photo of a more recent page soon. I like to experiment and see how I lthink certain letters look best. :)
I doubt I'd be appalled at your handwriting; I've seen some pretty bad handwriting before. ;)
Happily, I haven't heard anybody make an ignorant statement about this such as "fancy handwriting is for girls."

Riah said...

Yeah - fancy handwriting isn't just for girls. My grandfather has amazing handwriting. Beautiful caligraphy :)
I have an ipod touch now - it's an older one, so it doesn't have a camera, but I got instagram anyway because I can upload my photos to it via computer and I can look at other peoples. Any suggestions?

Maximillian said...

Calligraphy is nice. :)
Ah, suggestions for feeds to follow on IG? Certainly! (as with Flickr, I know some great photographers on there)
I'll suggest some more later, but for some of my favorites, look at the first comments on my latest two posts to my IG feed (my username is maximillianr); I've listed some there.
I you leave a comment or like one of my photos I can follow you after clicking in your username.
I'll be sure to tell you if a good photo app becomes free, such as Snapseed; you can put your DSLR photos on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and then edit them with photo apps. That's what I do; I generally further edit DSLR photos on my iPhone before posting them to IG - it may decrease the quality when the images are enlargened but it looks fine in the small size in IG and further editing may make it look better because you can't get the look you have with a large image. Sorry, I'm probably making myself hard to understand here. :~\

Hannah Leigh said...

Hi, Max!
How are you?

Hey, go check out my sketches page on my blog; I updated it. ^_^ Let me know what you think, either here or there.

Hope you're doing well!

Maximillian said...

Hi Hannah,
I'm doing, well, about the same a usual, I guess.
Nice sketches. :) Is "The Assassin" wielding a butterfly knife? I don't think I have the drawing/painting kind of artistic skills (if any), but I do wish I could draw well - I saw one done in color displayed at a fair before (it was done by a high school student and I thought it was amazing)...
I hope you're doing well.

Hannah Leigh said...

Doin' great! Still praying, as always. A little down because of a few events going on there, but, you know. Yeah.
Yes, it is a butterfly knife. A lot of those were done a while back, actually; the most recent is the 'Intense' one - everything before that are the definition of *sketches* - my actual drawings I still am debating whether or not to post. The Intense one is a *drawing*. Augh. I can't deciiide! :P

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Dear Max,

I think writing the Proverbs is a wonderful idea & believe it will give you much direction :-)
I also believe as you continue to follow God's way, you will show many other young men your age the right thing to do as they ponder their path!

Your blog may be "not of much importance" but I think you do well and it 'is' important :-)

In sisterly love,

Rebecca Fowler

Maximillian said...

Thank you, Hannah. :) I hope you'll feel better soon.

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, Mrs. Fowler. :)

Tali Mccoy said...

I really like your handwriting in the photograph. As for writing down the enter proverbs that is a really neat is it going?

Maximillian said...

Thanks Tali! Progress has been fairly slow of late, partly because I've been busy with school and hven't remembered to get back to it - I'm only on chapter 8 at the moment.