Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Green and more green.


Hannah Leigh said...

Hey Max! Long time no talk! :P
How have you been? I've been doing pretty well; getting on with life. :)

lol I heard you hate Gangnam style. ^_^ Tell your little brothers to learn the dance to it. >:) (Hey... I'M learning the dance to it! XD)
The MV IS bizarre. I don't like the video a whole lot, but I do like the song. ;)

Stop by my blog at some point! I also created a new one:
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Maximillian said...

Hi Hannah, sorry for the late reply. :~/
I'm doing just about the same as always...just trying to get a new job since the pharmacy I work at closes in six days. :P Oh, and waiting to go to boot camp in February - I need to get in better shape quickly.

Well, yes, I did think it was pretty weird, bizarre, etc., but since Mirriam told me it has a point, it's a little more tolerable.