Monday, August 24, 2009

Funny conversations I had

Well, while at Harris Teeter (once again) last Thursday (the 20th), some funny stuff happened.
After I got out of the van, I noticed a Mercedes E-class in a handicapped-marked parking spot. And yes, the car did have a "handicapped" placard, unlike some I've seen who are perhaps mentally handicapped, since they seem to be just fine and don't have any placard.
Anyway, as I walked around the Mercedes, I noticed a silver badge that said "6.3 AMG" on the side. I thought, "cool, it's an E63 AMG." Shortly after, two women walked over and started looking at the car also. One asked me, "Is this your car?"  I thought that was kind of amusing, like the time a guy at Pep Boys asked me if the BMW M5 in the parking lot was mine.  No, I don't exactly have that much money just yet.
So yes, I told her it wasn't my car. 
Then they started saying things about the car, and one asked me if it was the new E class.  I told them that it wasn't - the new model has different headlights.  Then one said something like "Oh, it's an E63 AMG...Black Series!"  I thought it was pretty neat that they were interested in the car (most girls don't really care for fast cars, right?); however, there were a few things they didn't know about certain cars (well, the same certainly goes for me).  I said "I don't think there was an E class Black Series.  I think somebody just stuck the "Black Series" badge on the back."  Well, after a while, they walked away, and I went into Harris Teeter.

However, I came out a minute later and decided to take a few photos of the car with my cellphone camera.  While I was doing so, an old lady (maybe in her 60s) came up behind me and said, "Do you have a question about my car?"  I, rather surprised, replied, "This is your car?!?  No, I just like fast cars."
She told me that she wants to take it to a racetrack (!) to try to hit its top speed.  And the rest of the conversation went something like thisshe said something like "I like to put the pedal down's a shame it's someone like me driving it and not a young person like you.  Are you going to get one someday?"
I said, "Maybe something like it."
[the lady] "So work hard - and save."
I meant I might get a luxury performance car such as a Cadillac CTS-V, BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz C63 or E63 (the new model, not the one the lady had) AMG, or something like those (but I'm not sure what new cars there'll be when I have enough money to get one)


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