Thursday, September 17, 2009

The church I am attending

For now, I am going to a church called Moore Christian Assembly, in Pine Forest.  Just like when my other church, Heritage Bible Fellowship (in Hope Mills) used to meet in a Kiwanis rec center, this one meets in rented building, a place called the Train House.  However, unlike Heritage, this church meets at a "normal" time: 10:30 am as opposed to 3:00 pm.  Some unique things (to my experiences, anyway) about this church are the fact that it has fellowship meals every week; the second part of the service, in which we are currently going through a child-training DVD series; and some other stuff, such as after the preaching has finished, the men of the church (as in heads of families, I think, but I'm not exacly sure) ask questions or elaborate on the passage that was preached on.  Two Sundays ago, three kids were baptized.  They are two brothers and their sister, and their dad, an elder of the church, baptized them.  The place of baptism was also unique to my experiences.  I've seen "regular" baptisms in churches in the baptismals behind the pulpit or outside, or wherever it was, one where the person being baptized did not "want everybody watching her, so we'll close the curtains..." (rather odd, if you ask me; what's the purpose of baptism?), and I've also seen people baptized in the ocean.  That only made sense in Guam, considering the 30-mile-long island has a beach pretty close to wherever you are.  However, these baptisms were the first I witnessed that happened in a pond.  

After the service and meal and DVD seminar is over, we fold up the chairs and clean up, and then go outside to the adjoining park, for "extended fellowship."  This may consist of talking about the sermon or other theological issues...or playing Ultimate Frisbee or baseball with the little kids.
Well, that's all I really have to say for now.  Adios, ciáo, good-bye, or whatever.
-Max out.

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