Sunday, September 20, 2009

Total Truth

Today I finally finished a book that I have been in the process of reading for a long time.
The book's title is Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey.  While it is a fairly long book, it's very good and I highly recommend it.  Its main premise is something like this: "Many Christians have a two-story perception of truth and Christianity; that is, they have relocated Christianity to an "upper-story" realm of "facts & values while placing everything else in the "natural, physical realm."
For instance, for many people, Christianity falls under the "religion" category of their lives, and they go to church on Sunday, but when it comes to applying Christian principles in the rest of their life (such as at work), they aren't intellectually equipped to do so.  

Total Truth deals with having an all-encompassing Christian worldview that is applicable to all of one's life, not just with things that deal with strictly spirtual matters, such as attending church.

My explanation of the book is woefully inadequate (I may revise this post at a later time and put it better), but if you read the book, you will not only read what I missed, but you will likely be better equipped to combat illogical, naturalistic worldviews.  Here's one thing it may help with: refuting evolution.  Other people, books and movies have shown evidence against evolution, but this book shows why evolution undercuts itself.  Also, in this age of relativism, it is helpful to show that there is absolute truth.
The book shows that to be consistent with their stated beliefs, evolutionists have to believe in a world completely without moral rights and wrongs (including things that are appaling to most people, such as genocide and other things).  Otherwise, if morals are just a human creation and evolved like the mind, who's to say what's right and wrong to you is better than than right and wrong to me?

I haven't said this very concisely and orderly, but I'll try to write more later.
-Max out.

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