Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Charlotte

We got back from Charlotte earlier this afternoon.
First of all, here are a few photos taken with my cellphone of two pricey cars in a parking lot in Charlotte. The first is a Bentley (A Continental, Continental GT, Continental GT Speed or something like that) and the second is a Mercedes S65 AMG.

Ok, about our time in Charlotte.
We stayed in the Renaissance Suites for two nights, and got back home Thursday afternoon. 
The Renaissance Suites is supposed to be a four-star hotel, I believe, but I'd subtract at least one star because a bottle of water provided "for the guests' service" is $4, and wireless internet access in the room costs $13!  To its credit, the hotel did look pretty impressive from the inside, when you were on a floor above the first (ours was the 5th; there were 9 in all) looking down on the first floor.  To give an idea of what it looked like, imagine a 4-sided building with rooms and balconies facing inwards, so you can walk around the side of the hotel next to the wall.  [Sigh] I'm not too good at explaining things like this; I should have taken some pictures.   

Mainly, we just hopped around from restaurant to restaurant, utitizing coupons and saving a lot of money.
The hotel was 3.8 miles from a place called Underground Racing, I think.  Underground Racing is a tuning company that equips cars that are already fast with things like twin-turbo kits and makes them even faster.
I wanted to see if I could see anything like Lamborghini Gallardos around the place, but I didn't get to go.
During our time there, we didn't actually do a whole lot, except for eat.  ;-)
Actually, we did go to a  went to a park for a little while and do some other stuff as well.
We stopped at a Blockbuster once.  It was closing, so most of the DVDs were 8 dollars or less.   Although there were some things I would have liked to have gotten, I didn't get anything.  Although I will likely be able to watch all or many of the movies and TV shows on my Mac (everything from the Lord of the Rings trilogy to Heroes to the Bourne series and much, much more), I guess I'd like to have the actual DVDs.

When my parents went to get dinner one night while we were there, my younger brothers and sisters watched MacGyver on my dad's laptop using Netflix Instant Viewing, but Lucas and I played a Call of Duty Nintendo DS game with each other.  We only have two DSs, so Josiah and I took turns (which was fine with me). 

[to be continued, maybe...]

-Max out

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