Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Last Night In Cincinatti

Hello readers,
Here I am in an Embassy Suites hotel in Cincinatti for the last night.
I haven't been able to tell about the trip here or the Suffiency of Scripture conference I've been at with my family so far, as I've been busy and haven't had time.
Besides, even if I had my own device to access the internet so as a laptop, netbook, or something like an iPod Touch, this hotel charges you $13 per night for wireless internet access.  Ridiculous.

Well, I'll say more about what's happened later, since it's nearly 11:30 pm.
For now I'll just say that I've gotten to listen to quite a bit of good preaching, meet a lot of people, and visit the Creation Museum.  More later.

-Max out

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