Monday, December 14, 2009

Recount of the Cincinatti Trip

Well, everyone (seriously, do I have more than one reader?), I'll try to start telling what our time on the road and in various places was like.
The night before we left, I got to sleep at 2:30 (I spent a long time packing) and woke up at around 6:30, so I got about 4 hours of sleep. If I remember correctly, we left on Tuesday the 8th at about 8:15 am.
We first headed to Kentucky, where some family friends from years ago live, and tried to eat at an Indian restaurant - as in, from India - but we got there in between lunch and dinner and it was closed.
So...we went across the street to a Chinese supermarket and bought a bunch of stuff.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the assorted drinks such as milk tea with "pearls" (you might know what I'm talking about - those black, chewy things), since the store only sells them on weekends. 

After that, we found our friends' house, and after a short visit with them,we headed across the border to Tennessee (only about 15 minutes away) to my aunt's house.
Although she was at some sort of school at the time, her husband was there, and we stayed overnight.
Our next destination was a hotel called Homeward Suites, where quite a few people I know (mostly from our old church) were staying also. 
We stayed there overnight, and left sometime after breakfast the next morning.
I should add that some of us staying there stayed in the lobby that night and played some games like Buzz Word, but I'll have to tell about that later, since it's 11:11 now.

Okay, back to the first night...
Well, now I'll have to stop since it's 11 and I'm getting up early to go to a Bible study tomorrow morning.

[12/25/09] I didn't end up going to the Bible study after all.
I'm going to accelerate the pace of this post by condensing it into a shorter length; I don't really like to write long posts.  So when I make my next update to this post, I should be much closer to the end. 

Let me see…on the night we stayed at the Homeward Suites, I played a few games with some people I know (from my old church, Heritage Bible Fellowship, and another, Providence PCA).  One was Buzz Word, a word game where your teammate who's acting as reader reads your team a "buzz word" and a clue and you have to guess the word or phrase the buzz word appears in.  For instance: 
[reader]"Apple" (the buzz word); "New York is...?"   
[reader's teammates] "The Big Apple!"
It can even be like this: 
[reader] "Stand"; "A well-known soldier who lived with the Pilgrims"
[teammates] "Miles Standish"

Also that day or night, a few of the girls and guys were outside when it was snowing, and when I asked why they were staying outside when it was so cold, one girl (I believe it was Casey Burton), said something along the lines of "We're experiencing the snow!"  Admittedly, it wasn't that cold, like it was when the wind was blowing, when we'd first arrived.  Then it was freezing.  However, I was only wearing a T-shirt and a thin hoodie or something, so I wasn't dressed for cold weather.  Anyway, I let the girls "experience the snow" and went back inside.  After all, it was basically only flurrying at the time.

The next day we went through Tennessee and crossed the Ohio River into Cincinnati.  

[1/2/10] In Cincinnati we headed over to the Apple Store, since my dad's iPhone had gone dead because of a defective battery.  I got to look at a few iPhones and iPod Touches there.  They're pretty cool, mainly because of all the apps.  Well, after my dad got a new iPhone (which, unfortunately, did not have the screen protector he'd had on the one he'd switched in, and it naturally didn't have all the apps he'd put on it either, but hey just needed to be put back on again - not all that big of a deal)   
We then went to the Creation Museum, which turned out to be an interesting experience.
When we first stepped out into the museum parking lot, it was freezing.  Now this might just have been my perception, since I wasn't adjusted to the cold, but considering the wind was blowing pretty hard, I think it really was cold.   


After leaving the Creation Museum, we checked in at the Embassy Suites, where several other families we know (several had been at the Homeward Suites with us) were also staying.  The Marriot had a bridge across the street to the convention center where the conference was being held, but since the Embassy Suites was only the next building down, it was ok.  

[1/3/10] Now to the conference itself...
Speakers at the Sufficiency of Scripture conference included such notables as Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum; Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church (he's been interviewed on CNN); Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum; and others.
There were many different sessions covering a wide range of topics, but the uniting theme was - as stated by the name of the conference - how Scripture is sufficient for all of life.
The session that had me the most absorbed was Ken Ham's, in which he detailed how not taking the Genesis account of Creation literally leads to many problems, including young people leaving the church (those polled said it was because of hypocrisy - preachers and teachers who didn't believe in a literal seven-day Creation but held to other teachings from the Bible as fact), as well as a host of other consequences.

[-Max out...for now]
Some interesting signs I saw on the road (unfortunately, I don't have a camera and I didn't get any pictures of them):
1) "?" 
Yes, it was just a blue square with a white question mark on it.  I believe there was an arrow pointing to a rest stop above the square-shaped sign.
Something like this:                 <- 

2) I don't remember what the second one said, was the same as the first, but had some words as well as a question mark and an arrow sign as if to say, "this time we think we might actually know what's over there, but we're not sure."

And my personal favorite:
3) "Resume Legal Speed"      


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I experienced the snow early one morning. It was very cold on that lookout thing next to the river...

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Yeah, it was pretty chilly some of the time.