Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm back from a week in Virginia, Part 2

Day 3:
On our third day in Virginia, we ate breakfast and lunch at the restaurant (called The Verdana, I think), checked out of the hotel, since the marriage retreat/seminar was over, and then stopped by Colonial Williamsburg to visit the candy shop and get candied apples.

In the parking lot, I saw this vehicle, which I think looks pretty cool:

Afterwards, we went to a "cottage" in Cheatham Annex, on the Naval Weapons Station.
There didn't seem to be very many people working on the base...a far cry from Ft. Bragg.
The cottage was basically a small, furnished house with things such as a gas fireplace, refrigerator, stove, TV, beds, etc.  There was no internet access, however, unless you had it on your phone, like my dad did with his iPhone.  Here are some photos of the cottage, my apple, and some other things.

This photo is completely unedited

The cottage
The York River was within walking distance:

Clouds on the horizon

Day 4
The big event of the day was our trip to Jamestown.  We weren't exactly sure where it was, and we first ended up at Yorktown because the thought was, "Yorktown, Jamestown - they'll be nearby each other since they're often mentioned together."  Unfortunately, they weren't, and were had to backtrack, but we eventually got to our destination.  Here are some photos I took on the tour.

Day 5
On the final day, we toured the Yorktown Victory Center and accompanying area - on purpose, this time.

Crime and punishment

And then we drove home and arrived safely.  The end.

-Max out


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The statue of Nike is very cool!
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Mirriam

Max said...

Can Am Spyder