Friday, September 3, 2010

Today and next week

Finally, I have something to write about.  Well, I actually have a couple of things to write about...
Anyway, today I went with two of my younger brother to help a family from our church put in a basketball (half) court.  They're the family of one of our church's two elders, to be specific.
Truth be told, I didn't do that much, for at least two reasons:
1) I am a photographer, and if I was working the entire time, who would take photos?
2) With my brothers, the total number of people working on the concrete slab was...enough (I forget exactly how many).

As the adage goes, "Too many cooks spoil the broth."  Or, too many helpers ruin the concrete."  OK, that might not really be applicable in this situation, but there were enough people involved.  However, that is not to say that I did absolutely nothing to assist the others; I helped them out a little bit.
The main thing I did while I was there was take photos...lots of them.  500+, in fact. (some I deleted while we were still there, so there were 500 when I got home).  
I've deleted well over half now, but there are some (wait for it) that I really like!
Yes, you heard me correctly, even though I've been disappointed that for the most part, my photos are unspectacular, to say the least, I now have some more that I'm happy about.
No, they're not the coolest photos ever, and doubtless, you other photographers out there can take better photos than the ones I'm talking about, but at least I have something to be slightly pleased about now because a good photo subject presented itself. 

I'll admit that I take pretty bad pictures, btw how many of you love me? 

Next week (on the 11th), my family was going to be going to the family's house where we went to today, along with quite a few other people, since they (the Smiths) are having an open house.
Fortunately/unfortunately, we will be in Virginia at the time, because my parents are going to be at a couple's retreat.  One one hand, I like to travel and stay at hotels, but on the other, I won't be able to go the open house.  Hopefully I'll have some good photo opportunities in Williamsburg.  If I do, I'll post my photos.  

I think the following photo was one of the better ones.

Something I tried at home last night:

See more here:

-Max out


Max said...

Thanks! Some photos look pretty nice after they're edited (like my profile pic), but the cool thing is, the photos I'm talking about are good enough as they are. I might tweak some anyway, though.

It's a couple's retreat, so I watch my younger siblings while my parents are in the sessions.
I actually have the option of watching them at home for the entire time my parents are away, but I am not going to try that.

Yeah, it's kind of a bummer I won't be able to go, but stuff happens. Hopefully I'll get some good photo opportunities in Williamsburg. If I do, I'll be sure to share my photos.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, you will def. have to post them asap then =)

Really? I prefer to stay at home and watch kids although we live out here with both sets of grandparents so it was easier I guess with adults always around just in case. Anyways, I hope you guys have a great vacation! Williamsburg is an awesome place to go to =D

Anonymous said...

We went twice when I was younger - I like Virginia but nothing beats North Carolina for pretty, but I'm biased I guess; being a native.

Traveling is fun, I agree but I dislike road trips in the car with everyone squished together for more than 6 hours .. not fun. Traveling with just my parents is definitely special though, especially internationally. Photography is one of the best ways to capture memories, but I've also found that certain songs, scents and books do the same. Ever read Inkheart? The author gave a great definition of those special memories, in my opinion. Thanks for you time,

Anonymous said...

I DO! I DO! *jumps and waves hand*

Max said...

Ugh; I tried to post at least one comment on here that didn't appear.
Caity, this time we took out a row from the "Great White", so it was kind of squished - there were no extra seats. I did travel with my dad to LA in April (I wrote about it), which was kind of cool.

Occasionally songs especially have brought back memories...kind of a weird feeling sometimes.

"I DO" ? I (you) do what?