Saturday, February 26, 2011

Figuring Things Out

Right now I'm at the Evidence America booth at the conference here in Peoria...things are fairly quiet over here (relatively speaking) at the moment - an influx of people coming to buy books and other stuff would be helpful.  I've been learning how to describe some of the various items for sale and make transactions, as well as helping hand out papers to attendees in the workshops (although obviously, no learning was needed for the latter), and doing a few other things.  
Please pray for Wes Moore's ministry - he's doing a great work that the world needs, but it's very difficult when money is scarce. 

The conference is being held at a Christian school (Peoria Christian School and Peoria Christian High School, which are connected), and  the exhibitors' booths are located in a gym here.  Helpfully, there's an unsecured wireless network here, which I'm connected to.  
Here are a few photos from the past few days here:

In case you were wondering, the photos of the workshops/talks shown are not an indicator of the average attendance of all the talks Wes Moore has done here (I think the reason there were only five people in that one was because of the snow and the fact that it was in the morning...although there were at least thirty-two people in the session this morning).  Here's proof that there was a very full class in one workshop:

Taking photos indoors without bright lighting and without wanting to turn up my camera's ISO above 400 creates difficulties when trying to get non-blurry photos, especially since I don't exactly have rock-steady hands. ;-)  I think I'll try using ISO later and see what the results are.
Once again I feel like complaining about the fact that I've seen things recently that would make for great photo opportunities, with all the snow this area has been getting (6-8 inches in one night), but not being able to get a photo of them.  Some things look nice, like some church buildings around here and the streets and buildings with snow all around...but other scenes, such as the bare trees with snow on their branches, are so utterly beautiful.  I guess my disappointment is somewhat unfounded, since I wouldn't be able to convey the loveliness that the snow and everything displayed with my current level of skill, but still...
I suppose some of my fellow amateur photographers know kind of how I feel (those who do photography professionally or are simply quite skilled will probably just be sad that they weren't able to photograph a beautiful landscape or whatever it is - they probably aren't very worried about not getting the photo to look how they'd like).

Next time I'm going to bring a tripod with me; hopefully that'll at least help with indoor shots.
My boring ramblings are ended for now; I just thought I'd let you (the handful of people who actually read my blog) know what I've been up to over here.

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