Sunday, February 6, 2011

Me, Myself, I, etc., etc., etc.

Original title, isn't it?
First, myself (some wanted me to smile):
Smiling In the Snow

Beneath the White

Tonemapped version of a previous landscape photo (the photo had spots on it from dust on the sensor or lens or some other problem, so I tried to remove them with an object removal program):
Clearer Vision 


Hannah Leigh said...

You know, if you cropped that, you'd really look like "Storm Shadow" from G.I. Joe. *grin*
And "HI!", btw! Yeah, I haven't been around lately...sorry. I just haven't gotten to all these blogs I'm following!!!

Hope you're doing well!

Always Fighting,

Maximillian said...

Who, the "white ninja" who repeatedly takes an article of clothing off and saying something along the lines of "Now you die!" to Snake Eyes?
(whoa there, buddy; keep your pants on)
I've only watched part of the movie, but I saw that fight.

"Hi" to you as well.