Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature photos

Here are a few photos I took recently around our house...they're not the type of images I hope to create in the future, but some like them.

More later, perhaps.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are fantastic. Great work.

Riah said...

Oh how beautiful! I particularly like the last picture.

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Ashley!

Thank you, Riah. 
Something you might not know is that edit of the latter photo was given its look from the Instagram app's Sutro filter. And the b&w photo was given the monochrome treatment by using picplz, another app. The funny thing is, Flickr says my recent photos were taken with an iPhone, but they most definitely weren't (iPhone 4 is pretty versatile as a camera, especially with all the photography apps, but my DSLR is much better); I just upload them with my phone. If you get (or already have) an iPhone, ask me and I'll give you some photo app suggestions.

Riah said...

No I didn't know that! It's sounds really interesting though. Sadly I don't have an iPhone, nor am I likely to get one since data plans are so expensive. I think it's be neat to have one though. If I do get one, I'll be sure to ask you - especially since me and data phones don't got along well at all (dad has one, that's how I know).
I guess Flikr just recognizes that it was uploaded via iPhone and figures that's how the pictures were taken.

Riah said...

ugh... it's supposed to say "...It'd be neat to have one though".

Maximillian said...

Aww, it looks like Blogger didn't accept my iPhone's smiley. :~\

Yes, I've nearly used up 2gb of data usage this month (I wish AT&T had kept the $30 unlimited plan for new users)'s "only" $25 a month but I don't have any source of income right now, and my savings are gradually dwindling away :(
You might be able to use an iPhone like how I use my old iPhone 3Gs without service - that is, the non-Internet-connected apps work all the time but you can only use Internet stuff when connected to a WiFi network like at Starbucks or the library.

A.Barlow said...

Good to see some new stuff man! Love that butterfly.

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Aaron!

nzkiwigirl said...

Oh, that last one is so vintage-y! I love it. I really, really like that butterfly one, the picture is...just awesome! The focus is super good and so is the editing.
How are you adjusting to being a country boy? ;-)
Just ignore me. I'm being mean. Does your family enjoy the new house/land?

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Jess. :)  Perhaps I'll get a print of one of the butterfly photos sometime. The last image is the yard of our house on one side.
That is not cool, Jess, not cool at all. :P
The rest of my family likes it though.
BTW, is your full first name Jessica?

Dorothy said...

hi my dear cousin
how are u everything is okay ?
taiwan is so hot QQ and there ?
btw tell me the new address so i can send letter to u :)

Maximillian said...

Hi Dorothy! 
I'm doing ok...sort of; I really need to get a good job soon...

It's been very hot recently but it's been a bit cooler since the high temperatures.

I'll e-mail you our new address.

Kala said...

I am loving that first butterfly image!

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Kala!

nzkiwigirl said...

Lol, I know, I'm mean. You don't want to be a country boy...which is sad...oh well!
Yup, my full name is Jessica. But no one really calls me that, it's mostly jess, jeddy, miss jessy, jesspa, weird stuff like that.

Maximillian said...

Haha.  :-)