Monday, August 22, 2011

This, that, and the other

Here's a brief update on a few things that have happened over here recently:
1) We got a cow, but she's not giving a lot of milk, and she might soon be traded for another.

2) We got three chickens and thirteen chicks, but the chicks were all killed by an unknown predator and the others disappeared, perhaps taken away by the said predator. Two of my little brothers think it was an owl that they saw in the trees, and since they later caught an owl on camera (a neighbor's wild game camera), they're pretty sure that's what was causing the demise and disappearance of the barnyard fowl. We now have nine hens from the neighbor who lent us the motion-detector camera as well (unless any have died or vanished).

3) I'm still trying to find a photography job, so I'm writing down the info of a whole bunch of photographers in Memphis...hopefully something will work out.

4) My aunt said she'd sell me her 1998 BMW M3, so as soon as it gets shipped from El Paso to here, I'll have a car - and a much nicer and faster car than my old one even though it doesn't look as sporty. Even an older E36 M3 like that one is supposed to do 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds. :D It's yellow, but although I'd prefer a color like black or gun metal grey, I'm certainly not complaining ;-) - if I can get it for not too much more than the cost of shipping, it'll be pretty good (as long as repairs - which I'm sure will be much more than my old Japanese car - don't bankrupt me).

5) I might get at least one other cool thing like the M3, but I'm not sure yet, so if I find out for certain I'll write about it.

6) I recently finished the Dragons In Our Midst series, by Bryan Davis, and I thought it was pretty good...very absorbing and pretty well-written in my opinion. One of the things I liked about it was how the author wove technical language with poetry and adventure, romance, and more to make a well-rounded, interesting series of novels.

7) We've been going to a church in Coldwater, MS, and although being around an hour-and-a-half means it's not likely that anyone from the church will come to to our house for a visit, it's pretty nice. I've made a few friends (a brother and sister in particular), and I like it.

8) Many dragonflies (perhaps even a hundred or more) fly around our yard nearly every day, and little frogs climb on the windows at night (and try to catch insects). I like my little friends. :)

I guess that's all I really have to say for now.


Imogen said...

Wow, you're getting BMW? I've been saving for a car and the most I'm hoping to get is a small Japanese hatchback!

Our neighbours had chickens, but they all got killed by a fox. The fox left the dead chickens in our garden too.

How did your move go?


Maximillian said...

Imogen, my old car was a Nissan 240SX, a slow Japanese hatchback, but it was/is different than most econo-cars since it has rear-wheel drive instead of front-drive.
Believe me, the insurance and parts for German cars can be quite expensive; Japanese vehicles are usually cheaper and more fuel efficient as well.

The move went disasters or anything, although the moving truck came close to tipping once and the AC went out in it so my dad was sweating to death (I drove everyone else in the van), and when we moved the stuff out of the storage unit to our house, there was a heat index of 120+. It felt like that was the real temperature in the storage unit and the truck though.

Thanks for asking. :)

silent said...

Hi Max, it's listentothemountains/Jen from Flickr. Somehow or other I ended up on this blog and got suckered in to reading it. Perhaps the cool purple squiggles on the side? Anyhow, I'm not sure just how much damage has been done yet, as I haven't had time to analyze the effects of reading a "Mostly harmless" blog. :P I'm glad to hear that you are around a bit more now. I enjoy your photography and I think you could do well at it for a career.

Maximillian said...

Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by!
I do so wish I can get a good job soon...even if I can GRT hired by a fast-food restaurant, it won't do anything for my future...anyway, thank you for the kind words. :)

Kala said...

Sounds like you're doing well Maximillian. Hope you get the car soon!

Maximillian said...

Thank you, Kala! :)
Now if I can just get a good job...