Friday, September 23, 2011

Foggy morning photos

I really should try to get back into writing and concept photography, even if my attempts at them aren't very good...but here's something in the meantime.

I often post multiple edits of an image, and while it's not preferable, many times I simply can't make up my mind as to which one I like best.

I like fog. Like lightning, certain clouds and cloud formations, stormy weather, etc., it makes for nice images (the mysterious, moody or magical feel fog gives...I love it), but unless you add it in Photoshop, you just have to wait and hope you'll get it.

Oh, one more thing.
I don't remember about the second photo with the sun through the trees, but the first of those two is SOOC, a rarity for me. It's far from spectacular, but I kind of like the fog and colors or something about it.


the girl named Bleah said...

Loving. This.
Seriously, very nice. :))) I'm kinda jealous.


Riah said...

Very nice! I love fog photos too. It was foggy out the other day, but I didn't get pictures due to this cold I have.

Maximillian said...

Aw, thanks Bleah. :)
You shouldn't be jealous though; these aren't very good...just get a camera and learn a bit about photography and you'll probably be taking much better photos soon. Feel free to ask me if you want any advice about, say, how to get a good deal on a Canon DSLR.

Maximillian said...

Thanks Riah; get well soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.

nzkiwigirl said...

oh my wordy, I didn't realize these pictures were on here!
love them! where about's did you take the pictures? my faves are the first and third. gotta love the cow.
how are you coping in the country, city-boy?!! ;-) lol jk

Maximillian said...

Thanks Jessa, Jesspa, Jessie, etc. :)
I took these behind and to the side of my house; you can also see the area in my other photos of the cow.
We now have another cow, Bella; she's not as pretty as Blossom and isn't gentle and cooperative like the older heifer, but I think she produces more milk - my mom is trying to sell Blossom now.
How am I coping in the country? Well, I'm coping...sort of. I can't say I ever like to wake up early, and when I have to wake up early to give food or water to a dog that I don't think is useful (the cows require a good amount of work but at least they provide something I benefit from)...if I had to take care of the goats as well, I would be a good deal less than overjoyed.

You know what? Your question gives me an idea: If you live in the city, why don't we switch places for a bit? You might like the animals and I'm sure my family would welcome someone who would willingly work with the farm stuff (and maybe someone would like your British accent too). :D Or maybe you can just come over here, become my adopted little sister, and help me with the chores and taking care of my baby sister. ;-)

nzkiwigirl said...

lol, hiya boy-chap! another cow?? how completely awesome. I love her name!
awww, c'mon now maxi, a dog is a man's best friend! what kind of dog do you have?

haha, I love your suggestion!
hey now, I have a KIWI accent. NOT a british accent. heaven help me if I should ever get a british accent;-)

yes, I'm always happy to get another brother, that's good. but I must tell you that I can be awfully old cattish with my bro;-) jk
it depends on how entertaining they are. I tend to find kids pretty boring (except my nephews and niece!), but some I like. is your wee sis entertaining?