Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Ride

Last night my "new" car finally arrived; my aunt's old 1998 BMW E36 M3.
While it's not a color I'd have chosen, I'm not complaining. :) It's much nicer and faster than my old Nissan 240SX, and it has more levers for seat adjustment than I've seen on any car before. :)
I'm hoping I'll learn how to take better car photos soon, but here's one for now.
I know, the location and editing are far from spectacular; at least the clouds were semi-interesting...
My dad is actually going to be driving it for now, since I don't have a job at the moment, and we're waiting for our old house to sell. When it does, he wants to buy a 2004 VW R32 (which means my car might actually be faster, although since the R32 has a six-speed, it might be faster off the line. Using a drop-clutch launch or something.

The New Ride


Mylena said...

Congratulations on your new car, I'm so excited for you!
Remember, "Drive safe!" (haha)

Your Friend,

Maximillian said...

Haha, thanks Mylena. :)

the girl named Bleah said...

oooh it's pretty! :) I like it. :D Really great photo of it too. You're so talented.


Riah said...

That's great! I'm happy for you! And that picture is just fine. You're a tad hard on yourself.

Maximillian said...

Bleah, thanks! AutoCorrect seems to think your name is Norah, bleat, or bleak. :)

Riah (Tosh?! Stupid AutoCorrect),
Thank you. :) I do like it, and it's definitely a major upgrade from my last car. Perhaps I'm just a tad hard on myself like you say, but I really don't think my photos are very good; I'm decently pleased with very few of them.

It's photographers like Lula ( - I mentioned her in a previous post - who are really too hard on themselves. Her photos are amazing, but she's a perfectionist and thinks her photos are bad and sees flaws in them even though many people (myself included) think they're beautiful.

nzkiwigirl said...

no kidding? this is your car?
it's yellow!!!!! could you wish for any better colour? seriously, it rocks.

Maximillian said...

Some of the best-looking colors for a sports car in my opinion are black and chrome.
Sometimes matte black, which can look sinister, aggressive, and very cool, like on this Mercedes C-class tuned by Brabus or this M-B SL65 AMG Black Series tuned by the same company is great as well. I think I have a picture of the Ferrari 599 (my favorite car overall) in matte black at the bottom of my blog. As for chrome, it can look awesome like black (maybe even more so at times), but just like glossy black looks amazing when shiny but shows dirt and dust so easily, I'm sure chrome would look dirty as soon as you started driving it and would show scratches easily as well. Anyway, I found a couple of photos of the Ferrari 599 in chrome, but they aren't high quality; however, these images of a Ford concept from '05 are.

Oops, I'm talking about cars too much; sorry about that

Sarah said...

Yeah, this is a ridiculously old post, but I was just looking in your archives and wanted to say that this is a preeetty cool picture. Nice work!

Maximillian said...

Thanks Sarah! :)
If you don't mibd me asking, how did you stop by my blog?

Maximillian said...

Oh, and I don't really like this photo very much; I think this shot of my car is much better:
But I'm glad you like it. :)

Sarah said...

Haha, I was the guest photographer on "Our Creative Photos", Sarah Morgan. :) I saw you were one of the contributors and kinda followed from there.

Maximillian said...

Oh, I remember now [slaps forehead].
I should have remembered after seeing your name but u guess I just forgot. Thanks again for the nice comments!