Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nom nom nom

Texas de Brazil...this place has some good food! I'll say more about it later if I get the chance.

Bullet (a.k.a. Mini Moo)
I've kind of ridden him already, but he's a bit bigger now so I'll try again soon. :D 

Oh, and bang! The Sig Sauer P210, the former offical sidearm of the Swiss Army (no, it's not mine; it's my aunt's - I want to get a Sig such as a P229 next year though)

Swiss Army


Mylena said...

Great Pictures, I love the gun!

Maximillian said...

Thanks Mylena. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

Niiiice gun. ^_^
*wants to shoot it*

Hope you're doing well!

- hannah

Maximillian said...

I didn't get to shoot it either... :~\
I can't say I'm doing very well...I still don't have a job, I broke my laptop yesterday so I'm going to have to buy another one (and I have very little money), I'm taking several college courses right now and still don't have Internet connection at my house (my iPhone's data plan is only 2gb per month, it's not as convenient as a PC and some things can't be done on it that I need to do), etc. My grandparents are visiting right now though, which is nice.
I hope you're doing well, Hannah. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

I'm sorry you're not doing too good - I hope that changes for you!
My friend's laptop broke the other day, too. I'm beginning to think it's an attack of the Breaking Laptops. :P
Hope you get things sorted out! Remember to start each day in prayer, and it'll help you loads. :)

Try and have a good day!
- Hannah

P.S. I'm doing GREAT! XD

Maximillian said...

Thanks Hannah. I showed my mom Mirriam's recent blog post of witches, wizards, etc. and later I asked what she though about it and after she replied she asked if I'd heard from you - I replied with "Not recently." I guess your comment here on the 14th might be considered recent (but I'd forgotten about it) - although more than a week old isn't too recent, but now I can answer in the affirmative. :)

I found out that it's just my laptop's screen that's broken, so I can lug around my large desktop monitor with me (obviously extremely impractical) or I'll have to buy a new screen, I think. :( I'd still want to get it fixed, but if I had the money, I might want to get a refurb Dell laptop for $300-something I saw online recently since the specs sounded pretty good.

Thank you again for the encouragement. :)