Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year Has Come and Gone

And life goes on.
And we travel on
Through the mists of uncertainty
Not seeing far ahead
Only a few steps in front of us
Where the light at our feet shines

This is not a new chapter; it is simply a turning of the page.


Marian said...

Beautiful photo! I love the vintage/gothic look.

Siriana said...

great post :) a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Maximillian said...

Thanks so much, Marian! :)

Thank you; the same to you, Siri. :)

Emma said...

Max!! What's shaking up your end of the world? How have you been? Your pictures are amazing, why don't you start a photography business? You would be good at it

Maximillian said...

Hey Emma,
Not much, I'm afraid, not much.
I've been...not as well as I would like. To tell the truth, I've been fairly depressed and disgusted with myself and my life recently. Being able to start a photography business or other career would certainly help make things better, but I'm still trying to figure what to do and how to do it and I'm not really making any progress right now.
Thank you for the compliment, but my skills are sinvery far from where I'd like them to be.
But I shouldn't keep talking about myself; how have you been?

Riah said...

Very nice! What kind of editing did you do? And I hope you had a merry Christmas and happy new year... Aw dang, I just sounded completely like a holiday greeting card. Oh well :)