Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am almost 100% recovered from when I knocked my head on the floor, so thank you God and thank you everyone who prayed for me to get better. :)


Riah said...

I'm glad you're doing better - sorry this is late. Been outta town :)

Maximillian said...

Thanks Riah. :) My jaw still hurts for some reason (I don't know how it got hurt to begin with, but it seemed to come with the knock to the head.
There's no need to apologize; it's already nice of you to read my blog at all, especially when I've hardly been keeping up with yours...I only really read blogs on my iPhone nowadays, and I think the main reason I keep up with a few fairly consistently is because they're Wordpress blogs with the option to get e-mail subscriptions, so I get e-mails with new posts.

Riah said...

Good I'm glad to hear your doing better, sorry about your jaw. Maybe you hit it on the floor?
And thats fine - I like it when people read our blog, but its not required in order for me to follow yours :D And I understand why you can't keep up well. If I only had my iPod I probably wouldn't keep up well either, it's not fun trying to read blogs on those things. It gives me a headache. Of course, I'm rather prone to headaches, so that may not be saying much :)

Maximillian said...

Hm, maybe that's it, although that would mean I hit there as well as the back of my head... Thank you. :)
Hm, so maybe reading books all the time on the Kindle app on the iPhone (or iPod Touch, in your case) or other book/e-reader apps wouldn't work for you?
I find it convenient and happily don't get headaches from doing that.

Willow said...

hullo Max :)

thank you so very much for the information concerning all of that dslr business and what-not :) perhaps one day I may get one, but at this present time, I'm practically broke, I'm soon going to be driving, I graduate highschool in 2014, my dream is to become a midwife or OBGYN and so...I don't think I'm going to have much money to spend on suchlikes :S hehe. but I do thank you and as I said, perhaps one day I will be able to get one, but for now, I think I'm cool with my Powershot and my iPod camera :) they are actually pretty nifty little darlings xD

ouch, sounds like you had a little bit of a hurting head :O yikes. I've never been knocked unconcious in that sort of manner, but I've been knocked unconcious by cardio physicians before surgeries. it's quite nifty xD hope you are doing well!

you talked to lula at all lately?


Maximillian said...

Ah, a midwife or something similar? That sounds interesting.

You're welcome. :) I know what that's like - I'm also broke and while I'd like to have a better camera, when I get some money I'll be needing/wanting to pay and save for a bunch of things, including gas, insurance and other expenses related to my car; a handgun (a Sig P22-something), which I'll be old enough to buy next year; and more.
I've had fun with taking photos with my iPhone and editing them with photo apps...I can suggest some I use and/or tell you if they become free for a time, if you'd like.

My head is better now; today my neck is quite sore from a workout on Thursday, but other than that I'm doing ok physically. There's quite a bit about my life I wish was better (having a good job and a better idea of my future, for instance), but I'm praying things will change soon...thank you. I hope you're doing well. :)

I haven't talked to Lula in...quite a while; I don't remember when the last time was exactly, but it's probably been a couple of months or more...she hasn't been on Flickr much recently, let alone replying to comments - oh, that's right, she did leave a comment on my "Words of Wisdom" photo on Flickr, but that was some time ago; I think that's the last I've heard from her.

Why, is she doing ok? I noticed she changed her last name on Flickr from Wood back to Hurrell-Gittins (I know that's her original last name but I'd only seen her use the former on Flickr before) not too long ago; I'm wondering if that has any special significance, but I haven't asked - I don't want to pry and make any of my friends uncomfortable if they don't want to share information and/or discuss things with me.