Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers

Yesterday I watched The Avengers at the theater; I don't have time to write a long review, but I'll give a few of my thoughts here. I thought the movie was great (and no, not just because Scarlett Johansson, my favorite actress, is in it); naturally, the special effects and having a bunch of characters from the Marvel universe together are both awesome - how all the different movies tie in to the main storyline is very interesting. Also, unlike Captain America, which is my least favorite of the Marvel films I've watched recently (it didn't really seem to have any point to it - it just felt like eye candy), The Avengers had some powerful and thought-provoking themes woven into its plot. [Spoiler ahead] For instance, that of sacrificing one's own life to save others. At one point on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, someone (I forget who - perhaps it was Captain America) accuses Tony Stark of something along the lines of only caring about himself and not looking out for other people, but toward the end of the movie, Iron Man grabs the nuclear missile sent to destroy New York and flies with it through Loki's portal to space and destroys the alien ship with it, even though he knows it will cost him his life. It ends up not being the end of Iron Man, but you knew it couldn't be, right?[Spoiler ended]

To be continued..maybe.


Riah said...

I actually liked Captain America, it was the most serious of the marvel movies I thought, but perhaps thats why I liked it. I personally am not a fan of the Iron Man movie though. I don't much care for the actor (although he portrays Iron Man well) and the story line was just so-so for me.
I did (despite my low expectations) actually like Avengers. I really thought they had built the movie up too much for it to anywhere like meet the high expectations people put on it. I thought they were going to make a horrible, hap-hazzardly thrown together superhero movie and then it was going to be destroyed by critics and fans everywhere. Thankfully that didn't happen. It was actually pretty good, very funny and well thought out.
I really liked the black widows character. She wasn't nearly as unbelievable in this movie as she was in Iron man because you got to see a vulnerable side.
Captian America was reacting to being thrown into the 21st century much as you'd think he would and he is personally my favorite hero because he isn't as big headed as the others and he is more relatable.
Iron Man was tolerable (even funny at points) because the whole movie wasn't about him.
Hulk was much better in this movie than in any of his stand alone movies (I nearly forgot Hulk - his movies for me are even below Iron Mans). Personally, Hulk is a rather boring person and his movies just as dull.
Hawk Eye was a small character so not much to say for him except I cringed everytime he let an arrow fly. His shooting stance is so weak the string had to have hit him all the time.
Who am I forgetting..?
Oh Thor, ok well although his fighting was good and he had some comedic moments there were times I wanted someone to hit him. All that nonsense about "he's my brother" "he's a son of Oden" "he belongs to Asgurd" was ridiculous in my opinion. Sure he was a son of Oden, but he attacked earth so if earth wanted to knock the lights outta him than so be it... Just saying.
Sorry about the long comment :)

Maximillian said...

Hm, I thought Iron Man 2 was pretty cool and had some good points like "It's good to depend on your friends; you don't have to do everything alone," (and it had Black Widow in it) but I thought the first had a deeper main theme (Stark becoming different after he gets a "new heart" - even though he seems to go back to use usual egotistical self in the sequel). I'm no expert on archery and I was never a good shot with a bow, so I can't say anything about Hawkeye's stance; you might be right about that though. Hulk might not really be a "superhero," but he definitely added some funny parts to the movie. :) Captain America is less big-headed than Iron Man, but he volunteered to undergo the serum treatment so he can help fight the Nazis, but Iron Man is a different kind of superhero since he wasn't given his "super stuff" (i.e. the iron Man suit) - he doesn't have the pressure of "I must use my powers for the good of humanity" because he doesn't have any superpowers and he gave himself what he has since he has lots of money and brains.
You've probably got a point about Thor's protestations aboutLoki being ridiculous, but I don't imagine most people would say "Sure, this guy is from my country and I've been fighting him for a long time but you can have him" about anyone. And remember, someone did hit him - Iron Man and Hulk (and Loki) did...and Hulk's side punch to Thor's head was hilarious. :D