Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking for love

Here and there
All around her
She was looking for love
In all the wrong places.
She couldn't see
That what she sought
Was with her all along.

Looking for love

Looking for love, Pt. 2

Getting over a barbed wire fence was more difficult than I'd first imagined, an I got lots of mosquito bites...I wonder if it was worth it - the focus in these is off. :P


Riah said...

These are beautiful and I'm a sucker for a nice lighting flare :) I really like the flare in the second shot, although the first shot is my favorite...

Maximillian said...

Thanks Riah! :)

Lys said...

These are great shots! I'm with Riah - love the light flare!
Great job :)

Maximillian said...

Thank you Lys! :)

Katey Marie said...

Wow! The colors in these are breathtaking!.. You truly do make me jealous! ;-P Your work is amazingly beautiful! Please keep putting amazing pictures of your work on here! God bless you!

Maximillian said...

Thanks Katey! I'll try to post more photos can see some on my Flickr photostream right now. :)