Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

Just a couple of edits of an iPhone photo...

A Rose Without Colour Dark Rose


Hannah Leigh said...

MAX! HEY! I *did* get your comment... I just haven't replied. :P Good to hear from you. What's up over that way?

I'm still not *officially* back online... MUST get my Bible verses down. --.-- (That's why my time was taken away in the first place; I didn't finish memorizing my cards, so... yeah. ^_^) There's four packs, and each pack has twelve cards. I... must finish them. >.>

I hope you're doing alright! I miss you guys. :(

- hannah

Maximillian said...

Hi Hannah! What's up over here? Currently, not much except for farm work/animals, I'm afraid. :P
My younger siblings are doing the National Bible Bee too, but they also haven't been memorizing their verses as mug as they should be, so you're not alone. ;)
Take care!

Rachel said...

Wow. These are really good! I love how you captured every detail of the flowers. Your photography skills are amazing and your heart for God is even more radiant! =)

Maximillian said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! :)