Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Father and daughter banquet

An unique event took place last Saturday.  Our church was having a father/daughter banquet, and since my dad wasn't here, I went in his place with my little sisters.  At first, I thought I would feel more out of place than at almost anywhere else, considering I was the only one who was neither a father nor a daughter, but I found myself more at ease as the night progressed.  
The evening's events consisted mostly of the catered dinner and a "game" in which several little girls had to guess the answer to the questions their fathers had been asked (such as "What is your favorite hobby?").
I mostly took pictures (lots of them), talked to a few people, and watched my sisters.
So as it turned out, my previous misgivings at going to the banquet vanished after I'd been there for a while.
Moral of the story: things may not always be as you anticipate them to be. 

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