Friday, June 19, 2009

My Cold Steel collection

Here is my collection of items from Cold Steel, my favorite knife company. In the picture of me with the "black sword," I am holding my bokken (the "black sword"), which I forgot to take a photo of with the rest of my knives and stuff. It's like the wooden training swords designed to be like Japanese swords, but this one is made of strong polypropylene.
Sometimes, I don't like any company (that makes guns, cars, or anything else) in particular, and I just like a particular model of a company because I like the performance and whatever else.
For instance, I don't care for all Mercedes or BMWs, but I like their AMG and M high-performance models. However, there are certain companies that I like more than others. These include Ferrari, Mercedes (AMGs and others) and many other companies for cars, Sig Sauer and FN for guns, and Cold Steel for knives. Cold Steel also makes other self-defense products, including pepper spray. For self-defense, I recommend that you get their Inferno pepper spray or sjambok (my black whip-like thing). Both are inexpensive, formidable weapons, and don't require you to be trained in order to be extremely effective.
Here are the links for them.
Inferno pepper spray:

If you get mugged, assaulted, etc., remember that I warned you...

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