Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still looking

I'm still searching for an inexpensive car that's not a piece of junk, and so far we've looked at a '95 Ford Probe GT-S and a '93 Mazda Miata. The first needed new tires and paint, and would have not been that cheap after the cost of the parts. The Miata's A/C blew hot air, the ragtop is worn out and needs to be replaced, the car could use some new paint, and the trunk's keyhole had been smashed through.
Yesterday my parents and I looked at a '93 Probe GT for sale for $500, but decided against getting it, since it had numerous problems including a cracked dash, peeling paint, a missing wing (the side things that hold the wing were there, though), and a missing shift knob, and although, as the owner said, "You get what you pay for," a lot of money would have to be spent on it to fix everything.

My grandpa told me about a Porsche 911 Turbo (this was quite a while ago...maybe around the '80s, but I'm not exactly sure) that was for sale in the newspaper. It was listed at $700.
Everyone thought it was a misprint, but one 17-year-old looking for a first car went and checked it out - and bought it. It wasn't a misprint, and it was in fine condition; the reason it was sold for so cheaply was because the owners had just gone through a divorce, and the former husband said "sell the car and we'll split the money," but his ex-wife didn't care about the money. She just wanted to spite him, so he got only $300 instead of probably more than 10 times that much. While that's extremely rare, a friend at my church got a '96 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro that's in good condition, has a rebuilt motor, etc., for less than $3,000. So I'll just have to keep looking.

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