Friday, July 10, 2009

Moo! Pt. 2

I have to admit, I changed my mind about looking like a cow today.
For one thing, I was hungry. Had I not been hungry and if I had a chicken suit, I might have gone dressed like a chicken with signs like "Chickens' Rights!" and "Eat more beef!" or "Eat more hamburger!" As it was, I wore my sunglasses, attached the paper cow ears to the sides, and the nose on top of my [real] nose. My features were slightly disguised, but not much.
As it was, I probably didn't look incredibly bizarre; certainly not as ridiculous as I did the last time I did the cow thing dressed in gray sweats and a white T-shirt, both with black construction paper spots taped to me. This time I only gave my head the cow treatment.
A picture was taken of me last time, much to my chagrin, but coincidentally, a balloon was perfectly positioned directly in front of my face, so my face is not seen in the photo.
And besides, not only was this time not as embarrassing, but I was going to go "Eat more chicken (chikin), yeah!" to someone who looked at me strangely or said I looked strange.
Well, it's late now, so I'll give more updates later.

-Max out

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