Thursday, January 14, 2010

At the mall

Today we went to the Cross Creek Mall for the same reason we usually go there - my mom went to Gymboree to buy children's clothes.  While there, my younger siblings usually watch the movie playing on a TV at a Smart Buy stand next to Gymboree or next door at the movie store. 
I either 1) do the same, 2) wander around nearby and pick up free food samples from the food court, 3) sit and read or do something else.  However, this time I got to do something a little different.
As I passed by the Chick-Fil-A in the food court, I noticed that a girl behind one of the cash registers looked very familiar.  I wasn't positive she was who I thought she was - until I saw her mom behind the counter as well.  I have mistaken people I've seen for someone I know before, but as with a recent case in which I saw my piano teacher and her daughter together (incidentally, at another Chick-Fil-A), I knew I wasn't mistaken, because the likelihood of seeing two people that look like people you know - together - is pretty unlikely.
Anyway, I was right; she was a friend from when I played soccer (who will remain unnamed for now, for security and privacy reasons), and her mom was my soccer coach.  

Well, I'll get to the part I thought was slightly amusing, considering I like to surprise people in various ways.  
To tell the truth, I wanted to say hello to her and her mom and wasn't interested in buying anything, but you can't just go up and have a conversation - even a short one - with someone when they're on the job, and particularly when the job involves doing something like taking customers' orders and there are people waiting in line.
Because of that, I looked at the menu to try to decide on something to buy.  Unfortunately, there is no dollar menu at Chick-Fil-A, so I decided on getting a lemonade.  After making up my mind and getting in line, I tried to keep my face hidden or at least turned away, until I walked up to the counter.
I should mention that I also put on my sunglasses before getting in line.  
As my friend saw me, she said "hi" like she was saying hi to all the other customers, and then "Hi!" - with a surprised look of recognition - as I took off my shades.  That was done for the effect, naturally.  Her mom showed less surprise, but it was still fun to give them a surprise.   
I then got a medium-sized lemonade for $2.80.  Unlike most restaurants in the chain, this one doesn't let you get unlimited free refills - you only get one for free. 

So if you want to surprise someone by saying hi, just make sure that if you see them, they don't see you.
-Max out  

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~Miss Rose~ said...

lol that's funny. I've done that before. :)