Friday, January 29, 2010

My comments on the earthquake in Haiti

I think it's sad that the earthquake in Haiti killed and injured so many people and left many homeless, but it should help to remember that God is in control, and whether He directly caused the earthquake or simply allowed it to happen, He is not surprised by what happens, and anything that happens is according to His plan.
Any thoughts?


~Miss Rose~ said...

I agree. I know that God did cause it to happen, and I believe that it was a judgment from Him on Haiti for several reasons, including the fact that they practice Voodoo, a worshiping of the dead. If that number of people were killed in much worse will it be for us who shed the blood of BILLIONS of unborn children every day?

Good post.

In Christ,

Stacey_Tracey said...

I agree with what you're saying. I was just telling my sister the same thing the other night. Before this earthquake happened, Haiti was pretty much invisible to the world, even though they are one of the poorest places in the world. What happened to them was absolutely terribly, but it was not by coincidence. The United States alone raised over $200 million from just text messages, and you also have celebrities donating what they can, and creating their own organizations to help the Haitians. The earthquake in Haiti is like the number one news across the world, and I think God intended for it to be that way.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I think Haiti will be okay.

Max said...

I agree with you both.

Hannah, I believe the earthquake could quite possibly have been judgment sent by God because of some of the sins in abundance in Haiti.

As for what could happen to us...that's kind of a scary thought, because I'm positive some of the people in Haiti killed by the earthquake were not involved in the occult.
Basically, if something similar happened here in the U.S. as punishment for killing millions of innocent babies, even those of us who stand against it might be collateral damage...
I might be mistaken there, but I think you're quite right in thinking that God might send a "wake-up" call soon..."fire from heaven" of some sort.

Stacey, I think you may also be right in saying that because of the earthquake, many individuals and organizations are helping people in Haiti (is that what you're saying?)

In fact, it's possible you're both right; God may have used the earthquake both as a judgment and to cause people to pay more attention to and help those who aren't well off.

Freida said...'sAvoidableDeathToll.htm

~Miss Rose~ said...

Very true. God says that He has saved people from every nation, so I'm sure that some there in Haiti were indeed Christians. Are they suffering? Yes. Will we suffer? Yes. Daddy is constantly reminding Nathan and I that we (the children) will more than likely be the ones seeing the afore said wake-up call. 911 was a wake-up call...did we heed it? No. We must be ready, Max. All of us. That's why it's imperative that we help to teach our generation to WAKE UP! and get the idea. We must be ready.

In Christ,