Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hectic Still

Life is as it's been for a while now: no job, lots of packing and cleaning and tryin to get the house to show and (hopefully) sell, and not a whole lot else. Someone decided to buy my car for $2300 (less than the $2500 it would have been nice to get, but it's still better than $2000 or less. The actual transaction should occur on Friday, so I have "Sylvia" (so named because she's a 240SX and quite similar to her Silvia cousins; previously known as Christine) until then. I'm hoping to be able to find a good car I can afford as soon as we move; one that's more fuel-efficient than my 240 (I estimate I get 20-24 mpg in it), and one that doesn't cost me a fortune in repairs and replacement parts and labor.

Since I haven't been out taking interesting photos with my camera, here's an iPhone pic I got some time ago (and used an Instagram filter on)...it's as if God was reaching through the clouds to the world below...

Rays of Light

In the darkest days of your life, when the clouds are close and grim,
Look to the heavens, to the One who can calm any storm, the One who the skies and sea obeyed and became still at his command.
There is faith that can move mountains, and the sky is always darkest before the dawn; when all seems lost, the sun may shine through the clouds in your life and melt the icy darkness in your soul.

Methinks this has much room for improvement...but as it was written on the spot, perhaps I may do better with time and practice.


Riah said...

Good luck! Don't run yourself to death though :)

That's really good Max! You should post more of what you write.

Maximillian said...

Thanks Riah. :)

When I have time, I hope to be able to work on both my photography and writing skills, and one day (hopefully soon) be able to use them together and have images with meanin that make people stop an think...I don't know if I said before, but that's one of my dreams/goals.

Hannah Leigh said...

Hey! I think it's good! ^.^

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Hannah. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

No problemo! :D

Kala said...

Hang in there Maximillian!

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Kala!

Argentia Krystofel said...

I agree with Hannah-It's pretty good! You 'drew a picture' in your writing...that's a talent that I find really hard. XD

nzkiwigirl said...

Hope the house sells! Wowee maxi-boy, I didn't know you could write like that! It was great! You should do some more, definitely.
Lol, love the name for your car. Are you gonna name your next one??;-)
Anyway. Hope you find a good car once 'Sylvia' sells!

Maximillian said...

Thank you, Caroline! I would like both my photography and writing skills to improve so I can try to write a book, as well as use both of them together.

Thank you! I hope it sells soon as well, since money will be lost each month as the mortgage will still have to be paid if it hasn't been sold.

Thank you for the compliment; I do want to try writing some more...I hope I'll have time soon.

Sylvia sold yesterday and I saw a Silvia today, but that's a story for my next post. The previous name, Christine, came not from the name of a friend's younger sister (although she does have that name), but from the car with extreme anti-social tendencies in Stephen King's novel of the same name. It seems my next vehicle might actually be a small truck, but I'll have to see; perhaps I'll name it as well. A friend has a very old Nissan truck called The Silver Bullet because it's very slow. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the picture, and that is funny about Christine! That was a movie as well as a book, wasn't it? I think I remember seeing it... anyway, congrats on selling Sylvia! I hope that life can slow down enough for you to breathe and relax soon :).

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!
Yes, it was made into a movie. I actually haven't read the book or watched the movie.

I sure hope so; there are so many things I want to try to do; besides trying to get better at photography and writing, I might also like to try my hand at other artistic pursuits, such as drawing/pencil art and maybe make some short films eventually...but definitely the first two.