Friday, May 20, 2011

In Millington

Hello friends, I'm back. Well, sort of - I might not be online much, but I can at least write this update.
On Tuesday we finished packing up the moving truck, and we got on the road at around 6 am on Wednesday morning. Driving in the morning was very difficult, since I was struggling to stay awake, but driving "Great White" was obviously much easier than driving the huge truck; I'd definitely had crashed if I was driving it instead of my dad. He said the 12-passenger van felt like a sports car after getting used to the truck. :)

Anyway, we finally arrived here in Millington (close to Memphis, TN) on Wednesday night and yesterday we unloaded the truck into storage and looked at a house. We're still deciding on which house to rent, so we will probably be looking at some more today. When we move in early July, we'll be bringing the rest of our stuff and moving into the house.

I wish we were close to Nashville instead of Memphis, partly due to the bad reputation Memphis has, as well as some other stuff, but I guess it's ok...all I can say is Millington is a really small town (really slow as well) that's kind of like a more modern version of Radiator Springs (the town in Cars - but this is a bit of an exaggeration)...abandoned lots and buildings, a whole bunch of buildings places that look like they're 50 years old or get the idea.
In fact, I wouldn't be very surprised to see all the people gone soon and zombies wandering around.

Well, I've got to try to catch up on some other stuff while I still have Wi-Fi, so that's it for now - I might include some photos at a later time.

21:05 EST (8:05 CST) update:
We arrived here at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Cookeville a bit ago, and here I am at the desk, on my laptop...wishing I had the time to be online more and do photography stuff, write, and more.
Anyway, I should mention that my parents made a security deposit on the house we looked at yesterday, so we're going to rent it in July. It is a pretty house and larger than the one we're living in now, but I'll be sharing a room with my brothers. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of it, but I'll have plenty of opportunities to do that in July and afterwards.


Riah said...

Wow, y'all are moving to TN and you don't even have a house yet?
Safe travels!

nzkiwigirl said...

Wow, what a long way to drive!
Hope the rest of your unpacking/finding a house goes well.
Awww, the Town sounds so cute and quaint! You'll have to take some pictures when you're all settled.
I am imagining tumbleweeds, broken signs and cowboy boots.
So, please show me with some pictures that I am way too imaginative! lol

Maximillian said...

Thanks. :)
I just updated the post; we are going to be renting the house we looked at. I wish I had photos, but you'll have to wait for those.

Thank you. :)
I'll be sure to take photos after we move. Broken signs, maybe, but not tumbleweeds or cowboy boots (although the latter might be worn by some people here, but not by yours truly)...I think you're thinking of a western ghost town; this is a southern town - quite different.

Kala said...

I LOVE Tennessee. I'll be hiking there in July (Smokey Mountains)

I also love the B-B-Q places in Memphis!

Maximillian said...

So you do live in the U.S.?
Unlike the rest of my family, I don't like quite a few outdoor such as hiking, hunting, fishing, etc., but I might want to go on a hike sometime in hopes of finding good photo opportunities.

Hm, I should probably try visiting some of the BBQ restaurants in Memphis then; Texas has some great BBQ (speaking from experience here), and perhaps Tennessee will as well.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you're (kinda) back, and that your family has made a decision with the house and everything is working out :). Haha, Radiator Springs? Harsh xD lol. Hope that things settle down well soon, and that you get some photo opportunities! :D

Stephanie said...

Cool cool :D I like your blog design.


Hannah Leigh said...

Got your comment - we're going, too - so I guess I'll see you guys there! :)

I just wanna say - I LOVE your photos! Mom and I were just sitting here going through them, and about every third photo, I'm going *right click* *save image* ^.^

See you later!
Always Fighting,

Maximillian said...

Thank you. :) Yes, the Radiator Springs comparison is a bit extreme, but the town is a lot slower than I'm used to after living close to Fayetteville. I assume Memphis will be much bigger and busier, though...

Thanks. :) My blog design? I'd say it's more like the lack of a blog design, with the super-minimalist theme, but I like some "dark" things...

Yep. I still have so much to learn about editing and other stuff to be able to get the results I'd like, but I'm glad you like what I have so far.

Commander Blade said...

By the way - Happy LATE Birthday!
I JUST saw that your Birthday was the 6th - so...yeah. ^.^


Hannah Leigh said...

Ooops! Sorry! 0.0
I was signed in as my brother!!!!
...sorry. =.=

Maximillian said...

Ah, I was a bit puzzled about that.
Thank you. :)

Hannah Leigh said...

You're welcome! ^.^

Hannah Leigh said...

Hey, btw - I saved several images from your blog, like the dandelion one, the water on glass one, and the blurred lights one: I actually blended all of them and then GIMPED them (added effects and text); I was wondering if I could put it on my "GIMPED images" page on my blog - and I wrote on the bottom of the photo
"Photo By Maximillian R"
If not, that's okay - just let me know! (You can leave a reply to this on my blog)


Argentia Krystofel said...

Hey! I'm one of Hannah's friends...found your blog from hers. :)
I love your pictures; you're so talented. I tend to dabble in different forms of art so I'm not a HUGE I said, I've dabbled in it. I tend to be more of the drawing type of person...hahahaha. But I can appreciate photography and I love looking at it...yours is definitely worth the time!

Also, hope the move goes well! I'll definitely be praying it does and hope to see more posts from you. :)

-Argentia Krystofel (or, Caroline, my real name...)

Maximillian said...

Thanks for commenting, Argentia!
I appreciat the compliment, but I have so much I need to get better at...I hope I can be pleased with my photography skills some day.

I find it slightly odd that you don't want your real name on the Internet but tell me here, but I'll call you by your nickname.