Friday, November 20, 2009

"Down" in Durham

Or something like that.  Whatever.  Anyway, right now I'm at a Marriot Courtyard in Durham.
I'm with my church's pastor and a guy from my church; we've been here in the city since around 8:00 am.
We've been at a pastor's conference (for pastors, that is, although it's been mostly pastors who have been preaching/teaching) all day.  Considering I fell asleep probably sometime past 1:30 am and got up at 5:30, I've been a little tired today and especially a couple of hours ago, but at the moment I'm actually not really tired.  A good portion of the teaching has been on noted personalities in church history such as Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards.  Besides Cooper (the other guy from our church), the other young guys who aren't pastors are with a pastor of a church in Wake Forest, Scott Brown.  He brought his interns and some of the other young guys with him, so there were others around my age.  We'll be at the second day of the conference tomorrow morning.  Right now I'm writing from a computer in the hotel lobby, watching people come in through the front doors.  It appears there is at least one girls' soccer team staying here, as well as some other people...but that's not really worth mentioning.  And no, none of the girls I saw were particularly attractive.  Believe me, I would have noticed if there were, as I tend to notice a pretty girl...
Anyway, I'm going to go back up to the room now, since I'm just about out of stuff to say.  

-Max out  .

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