Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, today my dad, brothers and I ran a 10k annual run today.
It was pretty tough, as always, and true to the tradition of this race, it rained!
This time, it had already been raining for a few days and only rained lightly during the beginning of the run, but the ground was still all muddy and full of mud puddles, slippery mud and clay, etc.
I drastically improved my previous time (I think I did 66:30 two years ago and then 69:00+ last year) this time, with a total elapsed time of 57:31.  Not too fast, but better than before.
Here's the website where you can find the link to register, provided you want to run in the race next year.  I believe it's open to the public, once you get onto Ft. Bragg.
Scroll down to close to the bottom of the page and you'll see a slideshow of photos from last year's run.
There's a photo of me at #87.  Photos from this year's run should be on the site soon.

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