Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New camera

Today I just got a Canon EOS Rebel XS.  It's an entry-level SLR that doesn't take video, but it's still an SLR and ages better than my cellphone camera.  Here are some of my first photos with it:

I know these aren't the most impressive, but considering these are my first photos with my SLR, bear with me here; future photos should get better.  I suppose my cloud photos (taken with a 6 mp camcorder) would be even better had they been taken with my new camera.

-Max out


Anonymous said...

that Anonymous comment up there isn't me.
I mean, I DO post Anonymously as Mirriam, but THAT comment was from someone else. *is officially freaked out*
I just have a normal digital camera... =)
~ The REAL Mirriam

Stella Velox said...

That cat is adorable! I miss not having a cat around...

Also, I'm glad you like my writing tips! If there's something specific you'd like me to write a tip about, leave a comment on the "requests" post.


Hannah Leigh said...

I like them, Max! The cats are the best.
Mirriam, WHAT are you talking about? You'll have to tell me!

Max said...

Mirriam, it might have been my brother, but even if not, if you comment as your WordPress account, whoever did comment as you can't do so any more unless they hack into your WordPress account or get your account details.
By the way, what's a "normal" digital camera?
There are point-and-shoot cameras (the pocket kind), SLRs, micro 4/3s, pocket video cameras, larger video cameras and more.

Sure, take it; take them all - all four kittens! We've got four cats and four kittens right certain times the number of cats at our house numbered in the teens; although eight isn't that many, I'd be happy with just one (the kitten's mother, Pepper), or one of my two former cats who'd eat anything: insects, cereal, bread, tomatoes, etc. The ones that did that were actually useful.

Thanks; if I think of something, I'll ask.

Max said...

You might have noticed:
"Fake Mirriam's" comment has been removed. :D

Max said...

My brother wrote a comment and signed it as "!Miriam" or "!Mirriam" or something, so that's what the whole thing's about.

Oops, "Mirrian" was supposed to be "Mirriam."

Anonymous said...

Okay, whew! *grins*
I was thinking "Why would somebody bother impersonating me!? Don't they have enough imagination to come up with another name?" <_< *glance at Lucas* JK!
But that's OK =) No problem. Had me confused!!
~ Mirriam