Saturday, July 31, 2010

Using the XS to excess?

The answer to that question is definitely, "no."

Great, now that my internet connection is back up again, I can post some more photos.
Since I don't have Photoshop or anything like that that I know how to use, I've edited quite a few of my photos by simply using Window's Vista's built-in "fix" feature.  I've either just used auto adjust, or when I want to get a different effect, I've turned the contrast up and if the photo gets too bright, I turn the brightness down.  That stuff and cropping is all the photo editing I've done so far, but I think some of my shots turned out pretty well.
Oh, one more thing: from now on, I'm only going to put a few of my photos that I think are pretty good on here; more will be on Picasa that I'll link to.  There are just too many to put in a post.
I'm working on watermarking my photos right now, but for now you can see the unmarked photos.
Some might say my photos aren't good enough for anyone to take and claim that they shot and they might be right, but at least take a look before making any judgments.
Here's the link to my Picasa web albums:
Update: I'm experimenting with watermarks right now, so expect a variety of colors, if not fonts and other stuff.  Here's the website with the watermark program I'm using:
It's free for personal use, you can batch watermark multiple photos, and there aren't any nag screens or any other annoying stuff like that.

Lightning beams
Lightning and beam
Lightning 2
Lightning 3
Lightning 4
The Eye

You can see the original photo here:

-Max out


shieldmaidenthoughts said...

*stares at the last picture*
It looks like an Owl's eye... *blink*
The lightning pics are AMAZING.
You ought to work on being a Nature photographer. :)
~ Mirriam

Max said...

Come on now, you're supposed to say something like, "That last photo is AWESOME!"
Without bagging or anything, that photo is one of my favorites of the ones I've taken.
Here's the original photo:

I'll post the link to the original photo under the last picture in the post.

Thanks for the compliment.
As you might be able to tell if you've looked at my Picasa photos, I like taking nature shots or whatever I think looks good, and I've also taken a bunch of photos of everyday items and other stuff to see if I can make them look interesting.
I don't have a macro lens, so I haven't done any macros yet.

shieldmaidenthoughts said...

I love nature shots *grin*
Browsing DeviantARt is AWESOME (don't do it - you're a guy. You'd be traumatized for life *moan*)
~ Mirriam

Max said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "bragging or anything."

Thanks. (are you really being serious?)

Now browsing deviantART...
Analysis: Very nice.
Result: Trauma not received.

I'm must admit, I'm not sure what the significance of "you're a guy" is in relation to your comment. Or the "moan." Feel fre to enlighten me.

Max said...

Ugh. Feel *free*.

harumyharu said...

I feel 'fre' so I will - um, there are a LOOTTT of innapropriate pictures on Deviantart. Of females.
But apparently you've already browsed Deviantart - so I shall just say the 'moan' was for punctuation and the 'if you're a guy' was because... ahem... well, because.
~ Mirriam

Max said...

OK; I only very briefly checked it out once and didn't notice anything like that.
Yes, I see what you meant, but I didn't have a clue before.