Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Sweepstakes

Updated: Team Sig sweepstakes for August.

These two sweepstakes are probably my favorites that I've entered into recently.
1) The Paramore Honda Civic Tour sweepstakes, in which you can win a customized Honda Civic Si and a bicycle.
Although I don't consider myself a fan of Paramore, this car would be pretty cool...although I might sell it soon after buying it, since I need the money.

2) Sig Sauer's Team Sig sweepstakes, which has a Sig Sauer P229 E² Enhanced Ergonomics 9mm handgun that you can win.
As I've said before, I highly prefer removable handgun grips over one-piece polymer grips, so I can remove the factory ones and put on Hogue rubber grips.  However, since this gun is supposed to be "super-ergonomic", maybe I wouldn't be really bothered by this P229's polymer grips.

Note: For the Paramore Honda Civic Tour Sweepstakes, you must be 18 or older to enter (or your parents will have to take care of the details if you're a minor), and you've got to be 21, fill out some paperwork and get a background check done, etc. to enter in the Team Sig sweepstakes.  

I entered my mom into the latter one for me, because it seems that you can own a handgun at 18 if you fill out the appropriate paperwork and only carry it on your property.  If not, I can wait three years.

The Civic Tour sweepstakes ends in October, but the Team Sig sweepstakes is until August 31, after which there will be another Team Sig sweepstakes.

Team Sig Sweepstakes:
Paramore Honda Civic Tour Sweepstakes:

Of course, there are also random drawing sweepstakes like various ones on Reader's Digest's website, and Road &; Track's and Car & Driver's, which have multiple cash prizes (and a grand prize of $45,000), although the total value of the prizes from the Paramore sweepstakes would be more than $45,000. 
Road & Track:

Car and Driver:

Considering the fact that you can only enter once in the first two sweepstakes once and you don't have to enter any of them, you really don't have anything to lose.

-Max out

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