Monday, July 26, 2010

The Winslow Boy movie review

The other day, I watched the movie, The Winslow Boy, on VHS, so I had to hook up the old VCR.
Years ago, I watched the B&W 1948 version, but this movie was the one with color, made in 1999.

[Warning: contains plot spoilers]
The plot is centered around one event that changes one family's life and ends up affecting many others as well: that of the Winslow family's youngest son, Ronald (Ronnie), being expelled from a naval college after being accused of stealing.  Mr. Winslow does all in his power to fight the admiralty and prove his son's innocence, and he eventually gets Sir Robert Morton, a famous lawyer, to fight for their cause.
"Let right be done" is a phrase that is said at least twice in the film, and it explains many of the actions of both Ronnie's father, Sir Robert and others.  In fact, it's because of those words that Mr. Winslow and Kate willingly sacrifice of themselves (time and money, and for Kate, the chance to marry one she wants to)
The rest of their family has to make sacrifices as well, but although they do care about Ronnie, they don't have the same devotion to the case as the Ronnie's father does.

[Spoilers ended]

I recommend this movie for several reasons:
1) There are several good messages throughout the film, such as these:
A. Let right be done.
B. Some things are worth sacrificing for.
C. Standing up for your family is important.   
D. Some things are worth fighting for, regardless of what your chances of winning are; you've shown that your cause is important to you.

2) It doesn't really have any objectionable content...there might be mild language and something else, but nothing big.

3) The story has a good ending.  I don't like stories that have bad endings, so this movie was good on that point.



Anonymous said...

It's part of one of my favorite songs - T.O.P. of Big Bang's song, "To act as if nothing's wrong."
Haha, I just had "Hey there delilah" pop up and all I can think about is Tim Hawkin's video. "Hey there Delilah, this is your ex-boyfriend Sampson..." XD
You ought to look him up.
~ Mirriam

Max said...

I see.
My brothers think Tim Hawkins is great and showed me a video of him, so I've seen a little bit of his stuff.

Your tag is slow going, but I might have it finished sometime. Having to use only one artist makes it fairly difficult.

Lucas said...

lol Tim Hawkins is hilarious as is Bill Cosby.

shieldmaidenthoughts said...

Ha, I'm guessing you dont' care for Korean boy bands, eh?
No problem (except you may have just made a mortal enemy... *evil laugh)
I love Tim Hawkins.
I feasted myself on a bunch of his stuff yesterday... hahaaa...
No problem with the tag.
Take your time and hurry it up.
~ Mirriam

Max said...

The last time I was in L.A., my cousin sometimes played Japanese and Korean pop in his car (with female singers), and I must say, it wasn't exactly my favorite. He did often play his Hillsong CD, Faith + Hope + Love a lot, which I didn't mind as much, and I actually liked one song on it called His Glory Appears (sung by Brooke Fraser).

"Take your time and hurry it up."
Isn't that a contradiction? So I take it the symbol below it was a smile or something.

Anonymous said...

Um... yes... smile... ^_^ :) =) All smiles.
Really? I love Big Bang, Wondergirls, Super Junior - K-pop. :)
As long as I look up the english lyrics to make sure there aren't any swear words. :)
I like rap/hip-hop stuff that isn't... ahem... lewd.
~ Mirriam

Max said...

[Groan] I think rap/hip-hop and a few other genres of music such as "screamo" should simply be called "noise"; not music. There is sometimes a fine line between rap and actual music, in my opinion.
For instance, some of tobyMac's songs are certainly in the rap genre, but quite a few others (City On Our Knees, Made to Love, etc.) aren't.
I think there has to be at least some musical quality in a song to be classified as music...
Well, my tastes in music have changed greatly from what they were even fairly recently (maybe even less than a year ago); for instance, I now like some of Skillet's new songs such as Hero.

By the way (even though you probably knew this already), below the "post comment" box, you can click the "comment as" options box and choose "WordPress", "Name/URL", or several others if you want to.

shieldmaidenthoughts said...

Ugh. I hate 'Screamo' XD
Yeah - I tend to like hip-hoppy with rap mixed in. Rap choruses, for example.
Yeah, I know - I'm just lazy *grins*
~ Mirriam