Monday, August 2, 2010

A slight annoyance...and an iPad sweepstakes

Unfortunately, my computer monitor's power supply has had issues for a while, but by putting it in a certain position, I could usually get it to work.  However, now it refuses to turn on at all, so I'm going to have to find a way to work with my photos and stuff.

Anyway, here's the useful part of this post:
If any of you have a touchscreen smartphone, portable media player such as an iPod Touch or Zune HD, digital camera, or any number of other electronic devices with screens.  So, you probably would like to keep your screens from getting scratched, and even if you're careful, scratches and smudges do accumulate on them.  The following website makes scratch protectors and more for your devices, and the company, ZAGG, has a lifetime guarantee on its invisibleSHIELD scratch protector, so if it ever getsscratched or worn, they'll replace it for free.
They also have leather skins for iPhones and a few other devices, as well as a few other products, and they have a weekly sweepstakes for an iPad, here:   

Note: If you're going to buy something from, wait until you've entered you're e-mail address in the iPad sweepstakes; you'll get an e-mail with a discount code for up to 50% off a purchase (I haven't used my code, but it's for 30% off).  If you don't want to enter your e-mail address for the sweepstakes, here's my code:
"Congratulations, your discount code is for 30% off site-wide on only. You can use your discount code one time during checkout before August 15th, 2010."
If it doesn't work, someone must have already have used it.

There are still four weeks left until the end of August (the contest ends on the 31st), so you've got four chances to win.  An iPad would be cool, even though I don't want one all that much, especially because I already have a netbook; winning some of the other sweepstakes and getting the Civic Si or $45,000 or the .45 would be a lot more useful.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be useful, though.
Take care, everyone.

-Max out

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