Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rachel's Tears

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a nearby thrift store and searched the bookshelves for a good book.
I found one that appeared interesting: Rachel's Tears, by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott.
The book describes both the physical and spiritual life (although mainly the latter) of Rachel Scott, one of the martyrs at Columbine High in 1999.  
Interestingly, she knew she was going to die, as evidenced by various things in her journals, such as her saying she thought she would die young and that 1999 was her last year.  Also, she had drawn a picture of herself crying the same number of tears as the number of students who were killed in the attack.  
It seems Rachel was very spiritually mature, especially for her age, but she was not a saint, as I'm sure she'd adamantly attest to if she was here today; she had her faults and failures, as well all do. 
However, the important thing to remember when looking at her life is that in some ways, Rachel was just a normal girl, but she let the light of Christ shine to those around her, making in difference in her world.

I highly recommend this book; it's a very moving story to me, and even if the Columbine High attack doesn't
affect you like it does me, you may be encouraged by Rachel's example. 
I may write more about my thoughts on the book when I finish it.

-Max out

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