Saturday, August 28, 2010


This afternoon at 4 pm I went to babysit two kids who live up the street.
For some of the time in the beginning, when they were supposed to be resting and after, when they were outside, I was able to just sit and watch part of Gladiator on my Zune (watching movies on "the brick" isn't the best, but it's better than nothing), but soon I was busy.  If Cooper is reading this, he must be laughing at the fact that I finally decided to watch his favorite movie.  For a while I just watched them outside when they played with the neighbor four-year-old, but what I think I did for a longer time than anything else was taking the brothers outside on their bikes.  They have identical, tiny bicycles with training wheels attached, but they haven't quite mastered the art of applying the brakes, which I tried to teach them. *sigh*
At times, they wanted me to hold onto them or their bikes, such as when going steeply up or downhill.
Unfortunately, one of them would sometimes say, "Hold onto me!" and then "Let go of me" immediately after, and so on.      

After dinner they tried to handwash the dishes even though they had to jump up and lean over the sink to be able to reach.  It took me quite a while and one broken glass later to get them out of the kitchen and out of the way so I could wash the dishes.  
Amazingly, their mom says she hadn't taught them to wash the dishes, so it seems they were just trying to "help mommy."
The siblings were cranky during part of the afternoon and evening, but such is to be expected with tired four-year-olds, right?

Well, no houses burned down, I didn't have a nervous breakdown, and nobody was reported injured or missing, so everything is OK.

-Max out

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