Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This morning I got my right upper and lower wisdom teeth removed.  
I just had a local anesthetic (shots), which was fairly painful.  The actual extraction didn't hurt all that much (not as much as the shots, anyway), but right now the numbness has finally worn off and my gum is starting to hurt.
Well, I'm off to eat lunch now.

Update - 10:43 pm:
Thankfully, my mouth is not bothering me now; it was feeling less-than-pleasant earlier.
Eating sushi for lunch was not working well, so I had to have tapioca and chocolate pudding even though I would have preferred something on the salty side.  
Happily, I was able to eat chicken and garlic bread for dinner.

-Max out 


Hannah said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that!! They took eight wisdom teeth out of my head a few months ago... NOT fun. (yes, you heard correctly - I had eight wisdom teeth - four more than a normal person!!)

Anyway, about the photography stuff you were saying on my blog... the Canon Rebel XS is a great camera!! I love going to the store and fiddling around with the displays. =) It's very similar to my XTi. And cool lenses! Right now all I've got is the kit 18-55, a 28-135, and the 50mm 1.4 - by far my FAVE lens!! I love them all, though.

So hope you're enjoying your photographic adventures, too!! =) Say hi to everyone!

Max said...

Hooray, a comment!
Thanks for visiting my blog, Hannah.

As I was reading "They took eight wisdom teeth out of my head..." I was like, wait a minute, are you sure about that and then I read the rest of it.
Wow. That does not sound like fun.

I'm trying to enjoy my photographic adventures, but until I become proficient enough to take stunning photos with the lenses I already own, do more with photos editing, or get a macro lens or Lensbaby Composer, I'm not likely to be the most impressed with my results. I will admit I like my flickr profile pic, though.