Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some More Photos

Here are some photos I took recently.  To see more, visit my Picasa page:

Something you don't want to be in front of 

-Max out


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Max.
I like the last one with the gun, very interesting angle and shows great creativity =)
I liked your camera, takes great pictures despite being 'less' than your brothers? I've always enjoyed photography but we have no camera so I am inspired by your work but not sure if anything will come of it.
It was nice talking to you and your brother the other day, you are both very funny, lol.

Hannah Leigh said...

Good pix! I like the 'self portrait'--those are fun to do.

Max said...

Thank you. Ah, so that's how you spell your name.
Yes, my brother has a better camera...
My camera has 10.1 megapixels and his has 15+, takes HD video, and has some more stuff that mine doesn't. Unfortunately, since my camera doesn't take higher-megapixel photos like the Canon 5D Mk II with 21.1 and I don't have a macro lens yet or a super telephoto lens, so often when I try to digitally zoom in on a photo or crop one (say, to just get the eye of a cat), it turns out pixelized. And since my camera doesn't take video, if I want to get a video of me (I probably will in the fall), I have to get my brother to take it with his camera.
Odd; I don't think of myself as a particularly funny person.
It was nice talking to you and Erin as well.

Inspired by my work?! Haha.
Although I appreciate the compliment, right now I think most of the photos I take are not the most impressive, but eventually I hope to become better at photography and take photos like some of these:

Aurora borealis photos:

Webb Bland's car photos:

You won't get much cheaper than my camera (Canon EOS Rebel XS) for a new DSLR - at $500, although you can get it for $400 used.

There's also the Nikon D3000 for a similar price, which on is new from $449 and used from $420.
Both are entry-level DSLRs that don't take video and don't have a lot of the "super" features professional SLRs have, but they're good for beginners.

OK, last thing:
I got some photos of you and your sister (as well as some of just about everyone) last Saturday and they're in an album in Picasa, so if you want to, if you have a Gmail account, give my your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite to view the album (you have to sign in to view it).
Currently, only a couple of people from my church can view the album, but even so, the pictures of you and Erin are currently blocked from uploading to it. If you prefer, I can make a separate album with the photos of you and your sister which only you can view; it's up to you.
After all, one of the primary reasons I take photos of people is so they can have the photos after I upload them online.

Anonymous said...

Max! You shouldn't look down the barrel of a gun! It might be loaded! *shakes head*
~ Mirriam

Max said...

Ugh, my comment disappeared and wasn't saved.
If you're writing something long, always copy and paste it into Wordpad. [sigh]

So that's how you spell your name. Is it short for anything?

It was nice talking to you and Erin also. :)
Odd; I don't consider myself a particularly funny person.

Thanks for the compliment about my photos.
Oops, I didn't notice the fuzz on the barrel when I took the photo.
Inspired by my work? Haha.
I think that with a few exceptions, my photos are generally unimpressive. However, I hope to get better and someday be able to take photos like these:
(Auroro Borealis)

And Webb Bland's car photos:

My brother's camera is better than mine in quite a few ways, including the fact that his takes HD video (mine doesn't even take video) and his has 15.1 megapixels (mine has 10.1). More megapixels like the Canon 5D Mk II's 24.1 would be nice, particularly when I'm zooming in on a photo or cropping one. However, an SLR is an SLR. If you're thinking about getting one sometime, you probably won't find a DSLR for much cheaper than my camera (Canon EOS Rebel XS) for about $500 new and $400 used on
EOS Rebel XS:

The Nikon D3000 is similarly priced ($449 new and $420 used), and I assume the quality is around the same, but I haven't read much about it and I haven't used one either...I know a lot more about Canons than Nikons.

So in time you could save up $400 for a used XS like mine, although more lenses will cost substantially more. However, if you don't need video and just want a beginner's SLR and you're fine with the kit lens, it should do fine, especially for a camera to learn photography on, which is what I'm doing.
Well, got to go. Thanks so much for commenting.

Max said...

True, very true, Mirriam.
Perhaps I should have taken the barrel off first ;-) .

Hannah Leigh said...

OOooooh...and if you've read G.I.Joe fanfix, you'd know EXACTLY what she's referring to!
Speaking of Max, my Max says to tell you, the other Max, hello, and my Max also says to tell you, Max, that he's wanting to meet this other Max in person, so all of these Maxes put together can just max out. XD
...sorry...I'm in a random mood!

Anonymous said...

*falls down laughing*
Wow... talk about a Maximum Ride...
~ Mirriam

Max said...

It is important to remember that I am the guy, "Max", not the girl, "Max".
Not Maximum and definitely not Maximus.

Hannah Leigh said...

HAHAHA! Maximus Decimus Meridius sounds like a good name for you, buddy! =D

Anonymous said...

Got it.
I just deleted my own comment.
Anyway - okay, MAXIMILLIAN.
We'll stick with that.
~ Mirriam

Max said...

One guy at my church often says "We wait here for you, Maximus" to me. Gladiator is one of his favorite movies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't see this earlier Max!
Thanks so much for the links though - and the camera information. My mom is especially interested in getting a camera as she scrapbooks and we hardly have any pictures from 2008+.

As for the pictures you took of Erin and I, we do not have gmail accounts but your brother sent some to my mom (her email is on your brother's blog in the comments under "What is this World coming too?") and we had a good laugh at some of the pictures. You can send them to my mom if you want as that might be the easier route.

Caity is short for Caitlyn and it appears as misspelled on my computer all the time - they suggest Cavity instead =P I like it different because we have a strong irish heritage and it reflects that.

And just as a sidenote, I'm terrified of getting my wisdom teeth out and although you mentioned it wasn't too bad - I can not abide the thought of the shots which you said did in fact hurt. Ack I couldn't stand to have my canines pulled early and since this time, they'll be cutting the teeth out of my jaw? Not too excited about that .. but I've got a couple more years to uh get over it .......

Thanks once again,

Anonymous said...

I can see that - you obviously enjoy researching. My parents enjoy researching dead people even more than the latest cameras and guns so we know a lot about our ancestry =)
But thanks for the links once again, I shall pass this info along to mom. We're waiting for the extra cash for a camera but Mom is determined to pay for wooden floors first so camera has been put on hold unfortunately.

Yes, I'm sure it would probably be unbearable without some sort of numbness. I wish I didn't have any wisdom teeth as one of the things I am absolutely terrified of is needles and I would have to both get shots and have an iv stuck in my arm or hand. I cannot abide those things! I know, rather silly of me but there is something about the idea of someone sticking a sharp object through my skin and into my veins that does not appeal to me.

Thank you for the advice on the cameras! And I'd also like to point out that you should try to a bit more positive on your criticism of yourself. I know you said you were hard on yourself but gosh dude, negativity can wear you down sometimes, trust me. You have amazing subjects that you have the opportunity to capture with photography - I love your kittens! Smeagol, our cat, has always been a source of photos for our family =)

Erin wants to see the pictures - she didn't enjoy some that Lucas took ... but everyone else had a good laugh =)

Max said...

OK, I didn't take many of you guys, but I'll send them.

I think I've had a big needle stuck in my arm only once; I gave blood time time ago, and it hurt somewhat going in, throbbed a bit once in, and I think it hurt the most coming out. That was a really big needle.

Thanks for the optimism and compliment. :)
I'll keep that in mind; it's just frustrating that skilled photographers can take stunning photos with my camera and a kit lens, and most of my photos are unimpressive, to say he least.
Well, like I tell some people, even though I am not particularly pleased with the majority of my photos, there are a few I like now and then. For instance, even though it's not stunning or anything, I like my photo of "The Eye" better than a photo that one guy who goes to my church took of his cat's eye - primarily because my cat's green eyes look cooler. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha Max! Which cat is it? Wait, how many cats do you guys have?

I understand frustration, don't worry! I can see how someone can do something but when I try it, I feel so inept. I guess we both could learn from the saying, Practice makes Perfect. Of course, I could use a heavy dose of patience to go with that =P Thanks for at least reading and listening to my advice, although I don't know you very well and so I do not want to come across as rude or pushy. Even though your photos might not be the most stunning as you claim, I can see the beauty that you are trying to capture and that shows that you have a great eye for photography, and that's what matters.

So I know you continue to test out your camera and hopefully we'll see you guys soon. Thanks,

Max said...

Eight cats total at the moment: four cats and four kittens. It's one of the kittens; there are two black ones, the one in the photo, and another one that looks slightly similar, but not really, and is very frisky.

You're welcome; I tell friends who notice something about me that can use improvement to tell me, and I'll listen and see how I can do better. No, you don't come across as rude or pushy; as a matter of fact, my soccer coach used to tell me I was too hard on myself as well. :)