Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 6: Land animals and man

If only I knew how to do serious photo editing with Photoshop...hopefully I'll figure it out soon.
My photos will probably look a lot more interesting when I do.


I "met" this guy wearing a kind of odd combination of black clothes and white shoes and he agreed to be the model for my photo...some people think he would look better if he smiled, and I'm inclined to agree with them.   Ha, you've probably figured out who he is by now. ;)  

Day 6: Let There Be Land Animals and Man.


Ashley Sisk said...

You probably should smile more often but I like the serious face as well.

Maximillian said...

Looking at it now, I agree, and I may post a photo of me smiling later, but some of my "smiling on cue" portraits look quite odd.

nzkiwigirl said...

Hi Max!
Haha, don't worry I'm terribly last minute as well.
The first picture is really sweet--I love the back lighting.
Oooh...you do look serious! I think it looks great though; a look of serious contemplation! :-)