Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year, everyone!
We've been given a Gift with love, so find someone to show the Giver of the Gift's love to today.

My grandfather gave me a Lowepro camera backpack as a gift, so now I will be able to take all my lenses with me when I go somewhere.  I just need to get some more lenses to fill the backpack up. ;)
My grandpa also gave me a Canon EF 35mm f/2 prime lens (and he got my brother the "nifty fifty"), so now I have my first EF and prime lens, and I'm going to be trying some things with it like astrophotography soon (I just ordered a remote shutter release), so stay tuned.

For some reason, even when using my 35 f/2 or a 50 f/1.8 wide open, I still end up with lots of blurry photos when shooting indoors without lots of light.  I think I just have shaky hands...maybe if I had a f/1.2, 1.0 or .95 lens things would be different. ;)


lisaschaos said...

Very pretty!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! (Sounds like you did) ;0)

Joshua Horn said...

How low of a shutter speed are you coming out with? What is your ISO set to? That could be your problem.

Maximillian said...

I usually keep the ISO at 100 but take it up to 400 indoors or when I need to, but I don't like to go higher than that; I don't like high noise. I guess I was expecting to be able to use a low ISO at f/1.8 indoors.

However, after some time, I set the ISO to auto (800 for most or all of my indoor shots, I think), and some of my shots still came out blurry.

Maximillian said...

According to the EXIF info, my shutter speed was pretty slow for at least one blurry photo: 1/8 sec.