Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope you all have a happy New Year and don't eat too many cookies! ;)
That reminds me of some letters written to Santa asking him to not eat so many cookies because they didn't want him to be fat (maybe they that Santa being overweight is a bad example for kids), and for the jolly fat man in a red suit to stop saying Ho, ho, ho, as it could be (or was) deemed offensive to women.  Seriously.
Some people...and I'm not even going to start talking about the Darwin Awards. :)  It quite obviously has a flawed premise, but many of them are hilarious all the same.

On another note, my cold is just about gone, but I suggest if you have a cold, go find Ricola Natural Cherry Honey and/or Natural Honey Lemon with Echinacea cough drops.  No, this is not a paid advertisement/endorsement; I just happen to like those two types the best, with the Honey Herb flavor coming in third.  When you have a sore throat and are taking couch drops like candy because they provide temporary relief, you probably want them to taste good as well - at least I do.


Siriana said...

I totally agree, Ricolas are awesome! They're what I like to use when I have a bad cough. Though I also highly suggest cherries (already pitted) and frozen to suck on, works really well with sore throats especially and is totally natural!

Elizabeth said...

LOL, that thing about Santa cracked me up. During December, at work we all had to wear Santa hats, and this little kid came in with his parents and he kept pointing and waving at us (three)behind the counter, and saying 'Ho ho!' 'ho ho!' because of the hats, but it totally cracked up another customer AND my coworkers XD. I was laughing on the inside, but the parents were kind of like 'uuhh…' and looking around and I didn't want them to feel more embarrassed (though they really shouldn't have been embarrassed to begin with, it isn't his or their fault people decided to pervert it) :D lol.
Glad you're feeling better! (And sorry for the late comment, I haven't been spending much time at all online lately... :-P)

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Siri.

That's pretty funny, Elizabeth. :D