Monday, November 1, 2010

A Birthday Party

No, it wasn't my birthday, although my half-birthday is coming up on the sixth of this month (ha).
Yesterday afternoon, after church, I went to my friend, Matthew's birthday party.  Since he goes to our church and invited some other guys, I rode with one of them, James, who took another invitee, Cooper.
The ride was somewhat bumpy - James' Dodge Ram 3500 dually truck isn't known for the smoothest ride.
It used to have around 900 lb-ft. of torque (!) - diesels are known for being able to have lots of torque - but he detuned it since a head gasket blew.
It would have been great fun to ride in then, although the truck still has some power.

This was Matthew's 23rd birthday, and he's been married to a lovely young lady for more than a year now.
Fairly recently, his wife gave birth to their first child, thankfully named Matthew II ("the second") instead of "Jr."

While we were there, we tried some target practice with .22 pistols (Matthew has a Ruger Mk III and James has another target pistol), shooting cans, empty shotgun shells, small pieces of PVC pipe, and other stuff off fenceposts (and yes, Matthew lives in the country, where gunshots won't alarm anyone).

We talked for a while and just "hung out", and some time after another friend, Daniel, finally arrived, we went to pick up a couple of pizzas in Matthew's car - or rather, somebody went to pick up some pizzas and I sort of tagged along.
Something to remember: five guys in a Honda Civic does not lot leave lots of wiggle room in 
James sat in the front passenger seat, so he had more room than the three of us in the back seat, although if James had been in the back, I really wouldn't have been able to move - he's a pretty big guy (not fat; just large).

[Have you noticed that my narration has been - and still is - rather dry and uninteresting?  I'll try to make it more absorbing or something.] 

Back at Matthew's house, we watched a movie - Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale.
I'm in the process of writing a separate post about the movie - a movie review of sorts; it's the more interesting post I said was coming up.  Matthew's wife, Brianna, watched the movie for a little bit as well, although after a while she got up to do some other things including taking care of the baby (I think).   
After the movie, we talked for a little while longer, but it was around 10 pm, so we decided to let Matthew and Brianna go to sleep.  ;-)

I rode back home with James in his truck, and that's about it.
Oh yes, one last thing:
Photos from the day.

Matthew and Brianna
I think Cooper took this photo of them with my camera.

Me not hitting the little PVC pipe piece

Is that the bullet in front of the barrel?

Afternoon sun

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