Monday, November 1, 2010

Random Assortment of Thoughts

Hello again, faithful readers.  Welcome back once again to my little world.
In case you were wondering, I'm working on writing considerably more interesting posts (well, at least one) in the near future, so stay tuned.

1) Be genuine.  Don't try to act like someone else just to fit in and be liked; if you're just yourself and people don't like your personality or some other aspect of you (not a fault, mind you; if it's something negative you can change, by all means, do so), too bad.  If they do, so much the better. 

2) Since I am aspiring to be a professional photographer and because I want to improve my photography skills so I can be the best I can be even when I'm only doing it as a hobby.
Because of this, I am not going to post any of my photos that I think are just "OK".  There might be exceptions, such as the photos of the Shelby Cobra I took; they're not very impressive, to say the least, but the car was the important thing in that case, not my photos...

Years ago, I had wanted to be "the best" at something.  I've since found that that mindset is foolish, to put it mildly.  For one thing, somewhere there will nearly always be someone better at what you do.  Also, is it really necessary to be the best at what you do?  Regardless, I think if you're going to seriously do something, simply be the best you can be.

3) I don't know how I'm going to be able to get started in professional photography, especially since I don't have the money to buy better lenses and a better camera...which I need to be able to take better photos...

-Max out 

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